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Gourmet Black Empeltre Olive Pate


Gourmet Black Empeltre Olive Pate

Made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

All Natural

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  • All natural & hand made
  • Spread on crusty bread for tapas
  • Rich and savory flavor
  • Size - 4.5 oz/130 g

This black olive pâté from Despensa la Nuestra is made with a mixture of hand-picked Spanish Empeltre olives, extra virgin olive oil and fragrant herbs. A hint of anchovies and capers have been added to this pâté – giving it a tangy flavor you won’t find in other olive spreads.

Spanish Empeltre black olives have far more depth of flavor than the somewhat bland California black olives most of us are used to eating. Used as a condiment, it adds the rich, salty flavor of olives to countless dishes. Spread it on a sandwich instead of mayonnaise or use it as a zesty garnish for steamed vegetables. This black olive pâté is great tossed with your favorite pasta or as an addition to a homemade vinaigrette dressing.

Our black olive pâté is made by Despensa la Nuestra, a small company located in Cordoba. Despensa la Nuestra was formed by a group of women when the local sugar beet factory closed and they were left jobless. By opening Despensa la Nuestra, they were able to create both jobs and authentic, easy to prepare Spanish food.

Despensa la Nuestra employees begin work every day before dawn so that they are finished in time to collect their children from school. The company was created in part to assist other Spanish women working outside the home. With the help of Despensa products, these women are able to work and feed their families authentic Spanish dishes at home without sacrificing their valuable free time.

Despensa products are thoughtfully produced to taste as close to homemade as you'll find without having prepared the food yourself. Despensa uses only top quality produce from their own farm and never adds any coloring or preservatives to their products.

Refrigerate after opening.

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Customer Reviews

Average rating from 5 reviews
  • "The seasonings were good but unfortunately to salty for my taste."

    Isela - Paradise, UT September 2020

  • "Spread this on good, toasted and crusty French bread to accompany a meal of oysters or smoked salmon and salad. Wonderfully tasty!"

    Karen - Lake Oswego., OR November 2018

  • "great on many foods "

    Frank - Conshohocken, PA March 2016

  • "Great product."

    Shirley - Princeton, NJ December 2015

  • "I can't really rate this because I purchased it as a gift. I was very impressed with the presentation of this item along with the two others I purchased at the same time."

    Margaret - Vancouver, WA December 2015

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