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Banderillas en Vinagre - Spicy Pickle Skewers

Banderillas en Vinagre - Spicy Pickle Skewers

Slightly Spicy - About 6 Skewers

  • Onions, olives, peppers, pickles
  • Tangy, and just a bit spicy
  • Perfect instant tapa!
  • Size - 5.29 oz/150 g drained weight

Banderillas are a classic Spanish tapa served on toothpicks or small skewers. Crunchy, tangy and a bit spicy, our banderillas are packed in vinegar and include gherkin pickles, hot peppers, pearl onions, green olives and red peppers.

Since they're already skewered, banderillas are a great instant tapa. Serve them cold or at room temperature in moments the next time a friend drops by unexpectedly. Pair them with a cold beer or a glass of your favorite Spanish wine.

Customer Reviews

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    "Banderillas are another favorite, nice combo. of flavors. Great for antipasto plates. Good snack."

    January 2019

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    "Great apps for entertaining. Fantastic."

    July 2018

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    "Need a bigger jar of these. My dad was stationed at Torrejon in the late '60's and he bought banderillas in a sealed time. All I remember about them was the name, "Yosa". From then on we called banderillas Todas. Very, very good."

    May 2018

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    "My son's girlfriend from Madrid was so excited to have this taste of home since she spent Christmas with us. "

    January 2018

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    "Perfect! Just like I had in Spain."

    August 2017

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    "Very tasty, more pickles and fewer onions would have made it better"

    January 2017

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    "This is my first time with this product. What a fun and tasty appetizer and a plus that it is so ready to serve."

    November 2016

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    "love them!"

    March 2016

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    "Reminds me of the banderillas I prepared with my father for the holidays! This product is outstanding."

    December 2015

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