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Artisan Vegetable Pisto by La Cuna


Artisan Vegetable Pisto by La Cuna

Small Batch Vegetable Medley from Toledo

All Natural

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  • Small batch, handmade
  • All natural
  • Fresh, dynamic flavor
  • Made in a small town near Toledo
  • Perfect for tapas and tapenades
  • Size - 6.3 oz/180g

The artisans at La Cuna are not in a hurry - quite the opposite. They are on a mission to capture every ounce of flavor from fresh picked vegetables, one small batch at a time. This vegetable pisto is extraordinary - complex, flavorful and healthy. Serve a spoonful on fresh toasted bread to experience all of its dynamic flavor. It is also delicious with pasta or served with aged cheese.

La Cuna is housed in a small, open kitchen where cooks slowly simmer hand-cut vegetables on large paella pans, stirring each batch by hand until it reaches the peak of flavor. The pisto is spooned by hand into jars, which are then pasteurized. The result is somewhat like an excellent ratatouille, except that it contains no eggplant.

La Cuna means "The Cradle" and the company was founded on the idea of bringing back the tastes of a childhood in the countryside. Each batch is slow-cooked and all natural, even better than homemade!

Pure and simple: onions, zucchini, green pepper, tomato, olive oil, sugar, salt and cumin. That's it!

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  • "Excellent taste with crackers "

    Eva - Queens, NY September 2020

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