Tender Artichoke Hearts by El Navarrico

Tender Artichoke Hearts by El Navarrico

Hand-Peeled, Packed in Water

Item: VG-80

OUT OF STOCK   (Expected in September)


  • Very tender small artichoke hearts
  • Hand-peeled in Navarra
  • Great for salads, paella or pastas
  • Packed in water
  • About ten per jar
  • Size - 11.5 oz/325 gr

These tender small artichoke hearts are grown in Navarra, near the famous La Rioja wine region. Each one is peeled by hand then carefully poached in small batches. The result is a delicate artichoke with none of the hard, chewy leaves found in grocery store artichokes.

Add these artichokes to your favorite salad, paella, pasta dish or artichoke dip. They are so good that we often serve them as-is, with great bread and a nice glass of wine.

Our friends at El Navarrico source only the freshest, just-harvested artichokes from nearby farms. Poached in water with a touch of salt, the have a pure, clean artichoke flavor with no herbs or cooking oil flavors.

El Navarrico is a family company, and our family has worked with them for over twenty years. We know that every vegetable and sauce that we offer from their factory is the finest in Spain.

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