Arbequina Olive Oil Aged in Amontillado Sherry Barrels by Castillo de Canena

Arbequina Olive Oil Aged in Amontillado Sherry Barrels by Castillo de Canena

Aromatic Fruity Oil with Toasty Notes

Item: OO-01 |

All Natural



  • First cold pressed Arbequina olive oil
  • Aged in Amontiallado sherry oak barrels
  • Fruity, herbal, notes of vanilla and oak
  • Great for vinaigrettes, dipping with bread
  • Nutty, oaky, not sweet
  • Size - 8.45 fl oz/250 ml

This fruity, herbal extra virgin olive oil is aged in oak barrels that previously held Amontillado sherry, a pale wine famed for its nutty aromatic flavor notes. The result is a beautiful marriage of bright, fruity olive oil with notes of vanilla and toasty oak. Dip freshly baked bread in the oil for a divine bite or elevate your next vinaigrette.

Amontillado sherry casked Arbequina olive oil is aged in sherry barrels from Bodegas Lustau, a famed sherry maker from Jerez de la Frontera. Amontillado sherry is aged in large oak barrels, and they add a caramel aroma and toastiness to the herbal, fruity notes of the olive oil. Open a bottle of sherry casked Arbequina olive oil as if you’re uncorking a fine wine.
Arbequina olive oil is treasured for its approachable fruitiness and freshness, and the barrel aging brings hints of vanilla and oak. Taste the oil with oven fresh bread to enjoy its concert of aromas and flavors. We like to create an impressive vinaigrette with this oil along with sherry vinegar and herbs. You can also drizzle it over poached fish or chilled shrimp.

This is another special olive oil by Castillo De Canena, a family owned company named after the Renaissance castle on the hillside of Canena Township in Andalucía. Siblings Rosa and Francisco Vañó traded in careers as managers of multinational companies to focus on their family business, which has been linked to the world of olive oil since 1780.

Store this oil in a cool dark place, and use within one year for best flavor.