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Aged Mahón Cow's Milk Cheese, D.O. - 1.4 Pounds


Aged Mahón Cow's Milk Cheese, D.O. - 1.4 Pounds

Aged Hard Cheese from Menorca

All Natural

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  • Aged, hard cheese
  • Pleasantly sharp flavor
  • Cow's milk
  • Size - 1.4 lbs/22.4 oz

Aged Mahón is a new and intriguing experience for most Spanish cheese lovers.

If you age Mahón cheese for 6 months it is transformed into a wonderful hard cheese. What once was a salty smooth semi-soft cheese becomes a firm and crumbly aged cheese, with a sharpened flavor and pleasing aftertaste.

Serve as a tapa with olives and wine or beer. You can eat it the traditional way, sliced, then sprinkled with olive oil, black pepper, and tarragon.

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Customer Reviews

Average rating from 2 reviews
  • "Since I like soft Mahon cheese very much, I thought I would try it aged. I do not like it. It is harder than Manchego or Parmesano, almost impossible to slice. Nor does what I received crumble as advertised. I have to sledge hammer off chunks as if it were a rock! "

    Christy - Hollywood, California September 2012

  • CECILIA - June 2009

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