These Are the Juiciest Pork Sliders of All Time

The Manual


August 1, 2016

Amanda Gabriele

When it comes to pork, it doesn’t get much better than rich, juicy Ibérico. Indigenous to Spain, Ibérico pigs wander the countryside where they graze on grass, herbs and sweet acorns. The resulting meat is almost incomparable to other pork on the market—it’s deep in color, unbelievable juicy and has a rich, sweet acorn-flavored fat. It’s our go-to Spanish ham whether we’re feasting on tapas or packing a picnic for our next adventure. And now, there’s an Ibérico pork for the burger-obsessed.

La Tienda just introduced the world’s first Ibérico pork slider, seasoned only with salt and pepper to let the meat’s rich flavor shine through. An artisan sausage maker perfectly grinds the Spanish pork so it’s ready for the perfect sear whether you throw it on the grill or in your favorite cast iron pan. Each patty is made with 80% Spanish Ibérico de Bellota pork and 20% humanely-raised American pork for the correct fat to lean ratio.

Like any meat, we prefer these sliders cooked on the grill. For the perfect flavor, get them brown and crisp on the outside with a pink middle. Because the pork is so juicy, it’s best to cook them on indirect heat so their drippings don’t flare the fire. Serve them simply on a brioche bun with a white, salty cheese and pickle slice.

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