The Best Wine Gifts of 2024, According to Editors and Wine Experts

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December 8, 2023

These are our favorite toys, bottles, and gadgets for any wine lover.

By Laura Denby

Wine lovers are notoriously hard to shop for, as most have strong opinions about everything from regions to vintages to varietals. Finding an impressive yet useful wine gift can be challenging, but it's certainly not impossible. In fact, plenty of wine gifts out there are versatile enough to please any wine lover. To help you find the perfect present, we rounded up the best wine gifts our editors can't wait to give to their loved ones. We also spoke to leading experts in the wine industry to get their insights into the best bottles, glasses, and accessories. Whether you're looking for a hostess gift to bring to your next dinner party or an excellent bottle to celebrate a special day, there's something here for everyone.

If you're unsure what kind of wine someone likes, it's best to give an all-purpose present that will please various palates. Fun glassware or a decorative decanter is a great place to start, but there are also some high-quality bottles from trusted producers that are guaranteed to impress. Whichever route you take, don't let the hefty price tag of some special occasion bottles distract you. "Price point isn't important when shopping for a wine lover," says Haley Moore, sommelier and CEO of Acquire, a San Francisco-based luxury hospitality company. "There are so many great options at a variety of price points. No matter what type of wine drinker you're shopping for, these are the best wine gifts to please any wine lover.

La Tienda Spain Porrón

2015 F&W Best New Chef Jonathan Brooks of Indianapolis restaurants Milktooth and Beholder suggests bringing a porrón as a gift for the hosts of your next holiday party. Traditionally used as a decanter for Spanish wines, the porrón aerates wine as it pours through its narrow glass opening — decant wine with it during dinner, then channel the festive atmosphere of Spanish wine bars and sip wine from it directly as it pours.

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