2017 Holiday Guide: Best 15 Gifts for Wine Lovers



December 6, 2017

Allie Albanese

The holiday season is hands down my favorite time of the year. Not only because it means I get to blast Christmas music nonstop for a whole month or overindulge in bottles of bubbly and sausage balls or adorn every visible space in my apartment with sparkly lights and glittery decorations, it means I get the license to buy as many presents as I want to! Gift giving makes me happy, and I love the challenge of finding the perfect presents for the special people in my life. I take this task seriously and refuse to settle for anything less than the unique and unexpected, especially for the wine lovers in my life.

Yes, a bottle of wine is always a safe and easy go to, but where’s the fun in that?! I like to get a little more creative during the holidays, and luckily there are loads of fun wine-themed items to choose from. So if you have any wine connoisseurs on your list to buy for this year, look no further. From silly to sophisticated, here are 15 gift ideas to please both the naughty and the nice.

ITEM: La Tienda Wine Porrón

PRICE: $24.95

No party is complete without a good party trick, and a glass porrón can provide just the thing! A fun and festive way to serve wine or sangria, porróns are famous throughout Spain and often used for pouring wine directly into your mouth – just tilt the porrón so that a stream of wine flows out of its long, thin spout and goes straight down the hatch! (This takes some skill, though. Just ask my friend Camille about the time we tried doing this at a Spanish bar on the Lower East Side and ended up with red wine all over our faces and in our hair…) Made from hand-blown recycled glass and complete with a cork, this porrón is an excellent idea for the home entertainers in your life.

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