Picnic Prep: 10 Seafood Conservas That Travel Very Well

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May 1, 2014

Sierra Tishgart

Canned is all too often a dirty word here in the States, but in Spain, canned seafood is considered a delicacy. It's why the new Basque restaurant Huertas offers several conservas, tins of scallops, calms, mussels, anchovies, and sardines. In fact, canned seafood has been such a hit at one-year-old Maiden Lane that in a few weeks, the restaurant will launch an online retail store and begin delivering the cans through Caviar. But here's the most obvious bonus, especially this time of year: Tinned seafood travels well and requires literally no effort to prepare. It's why we're excited about all the excellent brands that are on the market now. Here are ten standouts to look for, providing a very easy way to take picnics to the next level:

Conservas de Cambados
What to Buy: Razor Clams
This Spanish company offers a wide range of canned seafood products: cockles packed in brine, octopus in Galician sauce, mackerel fillets, and even tiny baby eels — a delicacy.

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