Grilled Paella Mixta (Mixed Paella With Chicken and Seafood) Recipe

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July 25, 2019

Daniel Gritzer

This famed seafood-and-meat paella may not be traditional, but it's a favorite of diners all over the world for good reason. The grill makes it possible to cook a one big enough for a crowd at home.

Paella mixta, which combines seafood and meat, is, as any Spaniard will tell you, not a traditional type of paella. But it is enjoyed throughout the world, and it is indisputably delicious. On top of saffron, smoked paprika, and other deeply flavorful ingredients, this version includes smoky, porky Spanish chorizo, which is another no-no among traditionalists (and which is also quite delicious). This version makes a paella big enough for a crowd, and it uses a grill for the even bed of heat needed to accomplish that in such a large, wide pan.

Please note that it's imperative you follow all the doneness cues in this recipe; the times are rough estimates since the actual timing of each step will vary heavily depending on the heat of your grill. This means that if your meat browns in a fraction of the stated time, you must move on to the next step and not adhere to the estimated time; if it takes longer, you must allow it to proceed beyond the estimated time (or boost the heat of your grill).

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