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Pluma Ibérica de Bellota - Pork End Loin (1 Pound)

Pluma Ibérica de Bellota - Pork End Loin (1 Pound)

Free Range Ibérico Pork - Two Loins, 1 lb Total

All Natural

  • Super tender, juicy cut
  • Certified free range
  • From Covap, a farmer's cooperative in Cordoba
  • USDA approved - Shipped frozen
  • 2 pieces per package
  • Size - Approx. 1 lb/450 g

This acorn fed, free range Ibérico pork from is marbled with flavorful fat that melts away when you cook it. When we first cooked pluma, we couldn't believe how tender and rich it was. This is how pork is supposed to taste!

Salt and pepper these pluma end loins and grill them over medium high heat, or in a cast iron skillet. The delectable pork will sizzle and crisp on the outside, with a juicy pink center. Let rest for 5 minutes before serving.

The pluma is a cut from the end of the loin, and is juicier than the presa steak or the solomillo tenderloin. Pluma is fairly thin, but leaner than the 'secreto' skirt steak.

Ibérico de Bellota pluma is a cut of pork from black Ibérico pigs that range freely across the extensive 'dehesa' oak forests of southwestern Spain. There they feast on huge amounts of sweet acorns and natural grasses. This special diet lends an incredibly complex flavor to the pork, and all that exercise allows the meat to be marbled with beneficial fats.

Your order will contain two pieces of pluma pork end loin, frozen and packed in dry ice.

The USDA recommends cooking all whole cuts of meat (including pork) to 145° F as measured with a food thermometer placed in the thickest part of the meat.

Customer Reviews

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    "EXCELLENT CUT OF PORK!!! It actually does cut like butter. The taste is amazing, it really does taste like the slices of Pata Negra. I will most definitely buy again!"

    October 2018

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    "Excellent. I BBQ on a grill and it was delicious. Definitely worth the price of admission. "

    July 2017

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    "Pluma is my favorite among the Iberico grilling pork. Grilled over binchotan charcoal, the flavor is truly amazing - like no other pork you could get and just as good as Kobe beef. On several occasions that we've cooked this, there were no leftovers."

    June 2017

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    "Far and away the best pork I have ever tasted. I buy my meats from a very good butcher not from the super market and the pork I usually purchase is better than the dry, fatless stuff from most grocery stores but it doesn't compare to this. I tried one and then quickly ordered 3 more. At the price I consider it a treat but Oh, what a treat it is. Weather did not permit outside grilling so I just seared in a hot skillet after salt and peppering it. Could not have been simpler nor better. Don't bother getting fancy with it."

    April 2017

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    "Fantastic! Arrived frozen in 2 days, it is delicious pan-seared in olive oil with a bit of salt and pepper before cooking. Little crispy bits at the edges, juicy on the inside, like no other pork I've had. "

    August 2016

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    "Regular shipping to DC area arrived less than 2 days still totally frozen and with dry ice not yet melted. Found this page of cooking instructions that worked perfectly for me -- very hot fire in a weber kettle. http://paisdequercusblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/GOURMET-BARBECUE-blog.pdf "

    December 2015

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    "Excellent flavor and texture. Would order again."

    December 2015

  • avatar

    "fantastic flavor!"

    October 2015

  • avatar

    "Without a doubt, this was the best pork I have ever eaten!"

    September 2015

  • avatar

    "arrived promptly, in great condition. "

    July 2015

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    "Excellent. Will buy again."

    March 2015

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    "This meat is beyond delicious.......salt pepper and grilled......perfectly pink in the middle. "

    January 2015

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    "Grilled over charcoal, this was without a doubt the best pork my wife and I have eaten. Period. We will be ordering more soon."

    July 2014

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    "Great. Moist and flavorful. Roasted it in the oven with some salt, pepper, ancho chile powder and olive oil. Turned out great to eat by itself and I used leftovers to make amazing sandwiches."

    August 2013

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    "Very rich and succulent. Be careful to not overcook as the amount of fat on the inside will dry up quickly. "

    June 2013

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    "I grilled this very simply seasoned with a little salt and honey. My friends thought it was beef. Such great flavor!!"

    January 2013

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    "I ordered this after Christmas and prepared it today. Salt, pepper, and broiled it in the oven. Unlike any meat I've ever tasted and so good. Pork, but a delicate, faintly sweet flavor. I sliced it thin and served in on Galician bread. Couldn't be a better sandwich or meal."

    April 2012

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