Paella Supplies


Paella is Spain's most famous meal, and for good reason! This festive rice dish is great for parties and family gatherings. Surprisingly simple to make, the presentation on the table is always impressive, served right in its iconic pan. Whether you feature fresh local seafood, meats or seasonal vegetables, the end result is your personal creation. Here we offer you all the tools and ingredients to create an authentic paella, including pans, burners, kits and great paella rice. ¡Buen Provecho!

Paella Supplies

We have collected all the tools and ingredients you need to achieve an excellent paella, with the flavors of authenticity:

- Calasparra and Bomba rice, grown in fresh mountain streams with water from Roman and Moorish aqueducts. These special grains mature late, so that your paella rice absorbs quantities of rich broth while remaining distinct.
- Artisan saffron grown for us by a single family in La Mancha, whose artistry in raising, gathering and toasting crocus stamens follows a generations-old tradition.
- Piquillo peppers that are fire-roasted and peeled by hand in Navarre.
- Three types of paella pans in a multitude of sizes, so you can choose between tradition, convenience and style. All our paella pans have the traditional flat and shallow design that encourages uniform simmering, which blends the flavors and cooks the rice to perfection. Some are the time-honored carbon steel pans - the type used in millions of households in Spain. Our extra heavy gauge "Pata Negra" pan is a natural for creating crusty soccarat. We also have a stunning stainless steel pan, which requires minimal maintenance and and offers maximum presentation when you serve your masterpiece.
- Our propane paella burners are an enhancement you might want to consider. The concentric circles of tiny flames they produce create the ultimate uniform heat for your cooking surface. No more worries about jockeying the pan on the stove or in the oven. The burners are perfect for parties. The aroma of simmering paella will create a gathering place for your hungry guests. Just hook it up to your propane canister with the special hose we provide.
- The new edition of 'Paella!' by Penelope Casas is an invaluable resource. She has included 58 unique recipes such as Scallop and Mushroom Paella, Rabbit Paella with Red Pepper and Almonds, Chicken Paella Andalucían Style, Chorizo and Olive Paella, and Rosemary-Scented Shellfish and Egg Paella. Placido Domingo has enthusiastically endorsed the book.
- If you're new to preparing paella, or want to share the joys of paella as a gift, our paella kits are a great way to start.

As you stroll the streets of Valencia during Las Fallas, the festival may be punctuated by dramatic rockets, fireworks, flaming images, and bonfires, but the lasting memory is the aroma of hundreds of simmering paellas wafting from huge, black pans over open fires. Each neighborhood has its own concept of the perfect paella and cache of secrets jealously guarded within the barrio. There are regional variations as well, because paella is a work of art, not a formula.

Although festive and colorful, Paella is essentially simple and straightforward. All you need is the resolution to bring this immensely popular shepherd's pot-luck into your home.

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