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Giving Back to Spain: Campaign for Spain

In November 2012, LaTienda.com launched the first Campaign for Spain to support the Spanish Federation of Food Banks (FESBAL). With Spain suffering through its worst social and economic crisis in at least a generation, and unemployment at over 25%, La Tienda was in a unique position to help. In 2012, La Tienda raised funds, and matched dollar for dollar, donations given on the website. The holiday campaign raised funds in excess of $25,000 and La Tienda matched that amount, resulting in a total donation of $50,000.

La Tienda was honored when Actress Penelope Cruz, a native of Madrid, joined in the launch of the Campaign. Midway through the initiative, La Tienda was delighted to welcome the participation of Annie Sibonney, host of the series, From Spain With Love. Both Ms. Cruz and Ms. Sibonney added much momentum to the reach of the Campaign.

The first phase of our Campaign for Spain concluded on January 31st, 2013 and La Tienda is proud to continue the initiative through 2014 and beyond. Visitors to the site donate directly to the Campaign for Spain, no purchase is necessary. Additionally, new and current customers have the opportunity to donate as they check out online or call in to the company’s call center by adding a few dollars to their order. 100% of the money raised is given to FESBAL.

“Even more than the funds raised, we've been reminded of the unbelievable capacity of Americans to help those in need, even while they are also facing hardships at home,” noted Tim Harris in a 2012 Op/Ed in the Huffington Post. “People are helping Spain and also helping those in their own community or giving relief for the victims of Sandy. They tell us they feel blessed to be able to help people at home and around the world.”

“When we launched the campaign, we all sat and waited for the first Facebook responses to come in, our eyes glued to the monitors and iPhone screens. Our community of Spain enthusiasts rallied and our website donations began to flow immediately, quickly raising $10,000 in just over a week. School groups pledged to help our efforts, business partners committed to donate. We've been inspired by how many have joined us in our little campaign,” noted Harris.

La Tienda CEO Tim Harris presented the $50,000 check to FESBAL in February of 2013. Established in 1996, FESBAL coordinates the efforts and activities of fifty-four localized food banks across all of Spain. FESBAL manages relationships with central government agencies, international organizations and other non-profit organizations and companies that provide food assistance.

"We are delighted to partner with La Tienda and the Harris family on the Campaign for Spain,” said José Antonio Busto Villa, President of FESBAL. "This thoughtful initiative will bring significant assistance to those families most in need." La Tienda is pleased to continue raising funds for the Campaign For Spain.

Since its inception, La Tienda has supported local food banks in Virginia and continues to do so. In addition, La Tienda donates annually to a variety of charitable organizations in support of the Williamsburg community. “We are so pleased that the ‘Campaign for Spain’ has been an equally successful international effort and we are so grateful to everyone for their generosity and kindness,” added Harris.

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