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Romesco in a Tomato Capsule - Romesco en Cápsula de Tomate

Romesco in a Tomato Capsule

Makes 4 servings.

Prep Time: 90 minutes

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12 very ripe tomatoes

3/4 cup
extra virgin olive oil

1 head


1 small chili pepper

7 gelatin sheets

1 thick slice bread

7 romesco peppers or ñoras

2 oz
roast hazelnuts

2 tbsp

Maldon salt

4 very thin slices bread

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Blanch the tomatoes, then skin and seed. Blend in a kitchen robot, place in a colander inside a bowl and leave until they release all their vegetable water. Set aside the tomato pulp and the vegetable water separately.

Place 1 tbsp oil in a pan with a clove of garlic, a little thyme and the chili pepper. Add the tomato pulp and cook until all the water has evaporated. Remove the garlic, thyme and chili pepper and add size sheets of gelatin, after first soaking in water. Cook for a few more minutes until the gelatin has dissolved.

Check the salt and add a little sugar if the tomatoes are too sharp.

Transfer the mixture to spherical molds and leave to cool, hollowing out a dip in the middle of each.

Toast the unpeeled garlic on a hot plate or griddle with a thick slice of bread and the peppers. Allow to cook slowly, without burning. Crush the bread in a mortar together with the peeled garlic, peppers and hazelnuts, leaving 4 hazelnuts for the garnish. After forming a paste, add the vinegar and oil, stirring all the time. Check the salt and leave to cool.

Fill the tomato capsules with the romesco sauce. Set aside.

Bring the vegetable water to the boil, at which point it will become completely white, and add the remaining sheet of gelatin. Transfer to four serving dishes and leave to cool. Toast the thin slices of bread.

To serve:

Place the filled tomato at the center of teh dish of jellied vegetable water and top with chopped hazelnuts, a little Maldon salt and fresh thyme. Serve with the toast.

Recipe courtesy of Spain GourmeTour magazine

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