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From all corners of Spain come wide varieties of sauces: Catalan combinations of nuts, garlic and olive oil; tantalizing creations of almonds and honey that evoke echoes of the Moors and the Near East; the sublime culinary artistry of the Basques. Buen Provecho!

7 recipes in this category

1.  Alioli Garlic Mayonnaise (Alioli)
The essential handmade mayonnaise sauce.

2.  Caper Dressing (Aliño de Alcaparras)
A distinctive dressing to serve with potatoes, meats, and other foods.

3.  Fried Tomato Sauce (Sofrito de Tomate)
A traditional Spanish tomato sauce to use with meat, fish, or chicken dishes.

4.  Olive Marinade (Marinado de Aceitunas)
A simple marinade to add a bit of flavor to your olives.

5.  Piquillo Harissa (Salsa Harissa de Piquillo)
A simple harissa to complement soups, stew, toast, meats or grilled fish.

6.  Romesco Sauce (Catalan Pepper Sauce) (Salsa Romesco)
Great with earthy foods, like grilled meats and vegetables.

7.  Stewed Peppers (Pimientos Estofados)
A colorful, tasty garnish with a touch of sweetness that goes especially well with fish or fatty meats such as pork or duck.

Classic Paella
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