Fish and Rice Stew


Servings: 4

Cook Time: 45 minutes [PT45M]


14 oz rice

2 ñoras (small dried red peppers)

3 bulbs of garlic

1 cup olive oil

2 ripe tomatoes

1 gray mullet, weighing a little over a pound

1 blue mouth, weighing a little over a pound

7 oz grouper and monkfish, cleaned

7 oz prawns

1 egg yolk



1 small boiled potato


Heat half the oil in a large aluminum pot. Fry the ñoras; then remove and set aside. Fry the fish heads then remove and set aside too. Then add the peeled and chopped tomato and fry for about five minutes. Add two liters of water.

In a mortar, crush the fried ñoras; and one of the raw bulbs of garlic.

Add to the pan and cook for five minutes. In this stock, cook the salted fish cut into thick slices. When cooked, remove and keep warm. Remove one cupful of stock. Check the rest of the stock for salt, add the rice and leave to cook slowly for twenty minutes. A few minutes before the rice is done, place the prawns on top.

In the mortar, crush another of the garlic bulbs, mix with the cupful of stock and pour over the fish which is served separately.

To make the sauce which is usually served as an accompaniment to this dish, crush the third garlic bulb with the cooked potato then add the egg yolk and beat until creamy. Continue beating while adding the remaining oil drop by drop. This should give the texture of mayonnaise. Serve the sauce in the mortar.

by Raimundo González from the book
Recipe courtesy of Spain GourmeTour magazine

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