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Bread, Baby Broad Beans, Petits Pois and Ham - Pan, Habas Baby, Guisantes y Jamón

Makes 4 servings.

Prep Time: 8 hours

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5 1/2 oz petits pois, shelled

5 1/2 oz peeled baby broad beans

9 oz Serrano ham trimmings and a ham bone

3/4 cups water

2 egg whites

7 oz bread from the day before

1 thick slice Serrano ham, weighing about 2 oz

6 broad bean leaves

1 broad bean flower

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Petits pois and baby broad beans:

Place the petits pois in boiling water and cook until al dente. Transfer to iced water. Drain and set aside. Do the same with the broad beans. Then remove the skins and set aside, keeping the skins.


Roast the ham trimmings and the ham bone for 20 minutes at 300 degrees F. Place in a pan, cover with water and cook very gently for 2 hours. When the stock has cooled down to about 100 degrees F, add the egg whites.

Cut the bread into rectangles measuring 1 1/2 x 1 1/4 inches. Cut off the crusts and add the stock. Set aside for 6 hours. Place the soaked pieces of bread on a dish and steam for 12 minutes at 200 degrees F Leave to cool. Just before serving, griddle on a non-stick skillet.

Roast the thick slice of ham in the oven for 15 minutes at 340 degrees F. Grind until a powder is formed.

Chop the broad bean skins and dry in a skillet over the heat. Add the oil and fry. Drain and set aside.


Make a strip of ham powder and powdered bean skin. At the center, place the griddled bread. Top with the broad beans and petits pois, after lightly sautéing them with a drop of oil. Dress the broad bean leaves and use as a garnish, together with the flower.

Recipe courtesy of Spain GourmeTour magazine

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