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Both straightforward and exotic dishes: from the interior of Spain come pork, ham and sausage; the Atlantic yields anchovies, cod and tuna; the Mediterranean brings flavors of olive and garlic; and, from the South, Moorish seasonings of saffron and almonds Buen Provecho!

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1.  Andalusian Vegetable Pot (Puchero Andaluz de Verduras)
Pork, chickpeas, and assorted seasonal vegetables are cooked into a luscious spiced stew.

2.  Bacon Wrapped Ibérico Tenderloin (Envuelto en Tocino Ibérico Lomo)
Try the ultimate pork tenderloin - Ibérico pork wrapped in Ibérico bacon.

3.  Baked Rice (Arroz al Horno)
A rice dish in the style of Alicante home-cooking, full flavored with meat, beans, spice and vegetables.

4.  Baskets of Scrambled Eggs with Frigate Mackerel and Chives (Cestas de Huevos Revueltos con Caballa y Cebolleta)
Pastry baskets hold scrambled eggs flavored with mackerel or tuna, cream and chives.

5.  Basque Tuna and Potato Stew (Marmitako)
Stew with fresh tuna, potatoes, vegetables and pimenton, a favorite of Basque fishermen. A one-pot meal.

6.  Beef Sirloin with Garlic and White Wine (Punta de Solomillo)
Marinated, bite-sized pieces of sirloin in a garlic and white wine reduction.

7.  Blade of Ibérico Pork with Lemon Sauce and Caramelized Tail (Presa de Cerdo Ibérico con Salsa de Limón y Rabo Caramelizado)
Ibérico presa pork shoulder blade is given the star treatment with bundles of fruit and vegetables, lemon jelly, hazelnuts and powdered spices.

8.  Boiled Beef and Potatoes with Paprika (Ternera Guisada con Patatas y Pimentón)
Braised larded beef cooked with potatoes and seasoned with hot paprika and salt.

9.  Bonito with Onion (Bonito Encebollado)
A typically Basque recipe with caramelized onions peppers and bonito or tuna.

10.  Braised Chicken (Pollo Estofado)
This chicken dish is served with rice cooked with green peppers and paprika.

11.  Braised Chickpeas, Spinach, and Salt Cod with Pimentón and Coriander (Potaje de Garbanzos, Espinacas, Bacalao, Pimentón y Cilantro)
A chickpea and cod stew with greens and spices in an unusual Lenten version from Extremadura.

12.  Braised Partridge with Mushrooms and Chestnuts (Perdiz Braseado con Champiñones y Castañas)
Partridges cooked in a lidded cazuela, with wild mushrooms, chestnuts, herbs and spices.

13.  Bream Baked with Vegetables (Besugo al Horno)
A colorful and flavorful one dish meal of bream or other whole fish baked with vegetables, pimentón, herbs and wine.

14.  Bream, Grilled on its Back (Besugo a la Espalda)
Dorado, or sea bream, simply seasoned and cooked on the griddle or outside on the grill.

15.  Breast of Duck with Calanda Peach and Pepper Sauce (Pechuga de Pato con Salsa de Pimiento y Melocotones de Calanda)
Sweet peaches and piquant piquillo peppers flavor the sauce for slices of roasted duck breast.

16.  Cabbage Stuffed with Marinated Cod (Repollo Relleno de Bacalao con Ajada)
Small cabbages hold individual servings of a stuffing of marinated cod.

17.  Castilian-Style Rack of Beef with Baker (Costillar de Ternera a la Castellana con Patatas Panaderas)
Rack of beef is rubbed and basted with spices during roasting, as the potato dish bakes in the same oven.

18.  Chicken and Rice (Arroz con Pollo)
A traditional meal that is common throughout Spain.

19.  Chicken Breast Fillets with Picón Bejes-Tresviso Cheese (Pechugas de Pollo al Queso Picón Bejes- Treviso)
Boneless chicken breasts rolled around a mushroom and blue cheese filling.

20.  Chicken Breasts with Roncal Cheese (Pechugas de Pollo con Queso Roncal)
Spanish Roncal cheese stuffed chicken breasts served with tomato sauce and matchstick potatoes.

21.  Chicken with Kidney Beans (Anchoas Frescas Marinadas)
Browned chicken breasts cooked with kidney beans, in a spiced onion yogurt tomato sauce.

22.  Chopped Savoury (Picadillo)
A tender savory dish of three kinds of chopped pork, tomato and onion, seasoned with paprika and garlic.

23.  Chorizo and Smoked Paprika Stuffing (Chorizo Relleno de Pimentón Ahumado)
Chorizo, smoked paprika and tomate frito elevate regular stuffing into an extraordinary dish to enjoy during the holidays or year-round.

24.  Civet of Wild Boar (Civet de Jabalí)
Wild boar is marinated in herbs and wine in this traditional southern European preparation for game.

25.  Clams and Beans (Fabes con Almejas)
Steamed clams sit atop savory beans, redolent with traditional aromas.

27.  Cod in a Pil-Pil Sauce (Bacalao al Pil Pil)
A classic but surprising dish of juicy loin steaks of salt cod served in a very flavorful white sauce.

28.  Cuenca "Morteruelo" (Morteruelo Conquense)
Rabbit, partidge, hen, and pork combine in this traditional dish of mixed meats and game, spiced with pimenton.

29.  Cuttlefish with Fava Beans (Chocos con Habas)
Fava beans and cuttlefish cook together with traditional seasonings in this dish typical of Huelva.

30.  Duelos y Quebrantos (Duelos y Quebrantos)
A flavorful hash with a literary pedigree.

31.  East Wind, West Wind Spaghetti (Espaguetis Viento del Este, Viento del Oeste)
A very modern pasta dish of slivered vegetables, sprouts and the zing of chili pepper rings, topped with shaved wafers of Iberico ham.

32.  Easy Paella With Chicken and Chorizo (Paella de Pollo y Chorizo)
A quick, easy (and authentic) way to enjoy a Spanish paella.

33.  Eggplants with Tetilla Cheese (Berenjenas con Queso de Tetilla)
Eggplant halves with an eggplant tomato cheese filling, made with buttery Tetilla cheese.

34.  Empanada (Empanada)
A wonderful recipe from the north-west of Spain for this traditional pork-stuffed pastry.

35.  Empanada Pork Pie (Pastel de Carne)
The empanada pastry is filled with seasoned pork, diced ham, and sliced chorizo.

36.  Escalivada Grilled Cheese (Queso a la Plancha con Escalivada)
Add a little kick to a classic grilled cheese with tomate frito and escalivada.

37.  Fabada - Asturian Bean Stew (Fabada Asturiana)
A hearty bean stew made with morcilla and chorizo, Fabada Asturiana is the flagship of Asturian cooking.

38.  Fillets of Hake with a Garlic Emulsion and Hojiblanca Oil Sauces (Filetes de Merluza con Alioli)
Hake (whiting) fillets are baked in a garlic emulsion and served with three distinct sauces.

39.  Fillets of Sea Bass with Cauliflower Puree and Salmon Roe (Lubina Fileteada con Puré de Coliflor y Huevas de Salmón)
Sea bass fillets are accompanied by a cauliflower cream puree, salmon roe, and an orange sauce.

40.  Fish and Rice Stew (Caldero)
Mixed fish selection and rice cooked in a rich fish broth with noras and garlic, sauced with a garlic potato mayonnaise.

41.  Fishermen's Tuna (Atún en Adobo)
Midway between an escabeche and an adobo, the fish is briefly cooked and then left to marinate in the same liquid.

42.  Fresh Pasta with Truffles and Poached Egg (Pasta fresca con Trufas y Huevos Escalfados)
Shaved truffles, cream sauce and a poached egg top individual servings of fresh pasta.

43.  Fried Eggs with Potatoes and Chorizo (Huevos Fritos con Patata y Chorizo)
A simple and much loved dish of crispy edged eggs, potatoes and chorizo.

44.  Galician Soup (Caldo Gallego)
A hearty bean, vegetable and chorizo stew for cold days.

45.  Garlic Chicken (Pollo al Ajillo)
A garlic flavored chicken dish, from Penelope Casas.

46.  Garlic Shrimp (Gambas al Ajillo)
Serve with Calasparra rice for a delicious feast that is very simple to create.

47.  Gilthead Baked in a Salt Crust (Dorada a la Sal)
Baking fish in a thick salt crust may seem dramatic, but its a classic Spanish technique that yields an exceptionally tender product. Here the fish is sauced with a spicy red mojo colorado.

48.  Gilthead Bream in Salt (Dorada a la sal)
Gilthead bream baked in rock salt, then served with a thickened dill sauce.

49.  Green Pepper and Shrimp Omelet (Tortilla de Gambas y Pimientos Verdes)
The eggs are set in the Spanish style , and the large round omelet can be served either hot or cold.

50.  Grilled Red Snapper with Smoked Paprika Marinade and Melon Salsa (Besugo al Horno de Miguel con Marinado de Pimentón Ahumado y Salsa de Melón)
Red snapper in a pimenton-based marinade, grilled, and served with a piquant melon salsa.

51.  Grilled Sirloin with Four Sauces (Solomillo a la Parilla a las Cuatro Salsas)
Sirloin with chive, mustard, horseradish and romesco sauces.

52.  Hake Galician Style (Merluza a la Gallega)
Thick slices of hake (whiting) are flavored with the Galician sauce called ajada, made from oil, garlic, paprika and vinegar.

53.  Hake with Valdeón Cheese (Merluza con Queso Valdeon)
Simply prepared hake steaks with a cream sauce flavored with Valdeón cheese, leeks and peas.

54.  Hake, Basque Style (Merluza a la Vasca)
Cooked with wine, garlic and clams and topped with white asparagus and sliced egg, this hake dish is cooked in a cazuela.

55.  Hot Pot from the Aran Valley (Olla Aranesa)
Hearty vegetables and beans fortified with mixed meats and sausages, a traditional dish..

56.  Ibérico Pork Sirloin in Orange Sauce with Pedro Ximénez (Solomillo de Cerdo Ibérico con Salsa de Naranja y Pedro Ximénez)
Marinated pork sirloins sauced with the flavor of orange and served with caramelized onions.

57.  Ibores Cheese, Asparagus and Smoked Salmon Pie (Pastel de Salmón Ahumado, Espárragos y Queso Ibores)
Asparagus and salmon add their flavors to an Ibores cheese custard in this main dish or appetizer.

58.  Jamón Serrano and Manchego Cheese Sandwich (Bocadillo de Jamón Serrano y Queso Manchego)
Serrano ham and Manchego cheese on a fresh baked baguette is a simple and quintessentially Spanish sandwich.

59.  Lamb Caldereta (Caldereta de Cordero)
The La Vera version of a classic calderata with pimenton as the main flavoring.

60.  Lamb Chops with Garlic Potatoes (Chuletas de Cordero con Patatas al Ajillo)
Lamb chops and thick-sliced fried potatoes cooked in a garlic vinegar sauce.

61.  Lamb Fillet Steaks with Sauce from the Alpujarras (Cordero Alpujarreño)
Tender lamb fillets are flambeed and cooked in a spicy garlic almond herb sauce.

62.  Leek and Potato Hotpot (Purrusalda)
A tasty stew that is a meal in itself, and makes a good starter for dinner when prepared a bit soupier.

63.  Lentil and Chorizo Stew (Lentejas con Chorizo)
A classic Spanish stew, perfect for a cold winter day.

64.  Lentils from Upper Aragon (Lentejas del Alto Aragón)
Fortified with blood sausage and serrano ham bone, these hearty lentils have a hint of aniseed and muscatel.

65.  Lobster with a Dressing of Pedro Ximénez and Sherry Vinegar (Bogavante con Aliño de Vinagre de Jerez al Pedro Ximenez)
Fresh lobster is served over ice plant or spinach leaves, with a dressing of Pedro Ximenez wine and sherry vinegar.

66.  Maragato Stew (Cocido Maragato)
A succulent stew that is traditionally served in three courses: meat, then vegetables, then the soup.

67.  Marinated Roast Fillet of Pork Studded with Chorizo (Filete de Cerdo Asado marinado y Salpicado de Chorizo)
In this streamlined version of a traditional Extremadura dish, adobo-infused pork is roasted and served with a spiced potato puree.

68.  Marinated Salmon (Salmón en Escabeche)
Salmon steaks in a vegetable herb marinade that can be used for preserving game or poultry.

69.  Medallions of Fallow Deer with Green Caramelized Apples (Medallones de lomo de Corzo con Manzanas Verdes Caramelizadas)
Baby venison medallions with rich venison sauce, baby vegetables, and apples.

70.  Mixed Fish Fry (Pescados Fritos)
Simple recipe for mixed fresh catch of the day, floured fried and served with lemon wedges.

71.  Mixed Paella (Paella Mixta)
This is by far the most popular paella recipe in Spanish restaurants in America.

72.  Mixed Paella - Version II (Paella Mixta - Versión II)
The world famous rice dish! Perfect for any gathering.

73.  Mixed Seafood Paella (Paella de Marisco)
Paella de Marisco is a summer favorite in Spain. Enjoy with a refreshing white wine and a green salad. You can substitute your favorite fresh seafood.

74.  Monkfish in Almond Sauce (Rape en Salsa de Almendras)
Classic seafood dish from Catalonia, Spain simmers monkfish in an almond sauce flavored with garlic, tomato, wine, fish stock, and herbs

75.  Murcian Cauldron (Arroz en Caldero Murciano)
This dish is made with grey mullet, gilthead bream and fresh tuna, and served in two courses. A favorite of fishermen.

76.  Mushroom-Stuffed Pig (Manitas de Cerdo con Champiñones y Salsa de Nabo)
Mixed mushrooms, mince meat and black turnips flavor the pigs feet in this recipe from La Garrotxa.

77.  Norway Lobster, Citric Coral Jelly, Soupy Rice (Arroz Caldoso con Cigalas y Gelatina Cítrica de Coral)
Spanish soupy rice using Norway lobsters and served with two picadas, sauteed vegetables, and a coral colored crayfish gelatin.

78.  Onions Stuffed with Tuna Fish (Cebollas Rellenas de Atún)
A typical dish in Asturias made with fresh tuna in summer and out of season, with canned tuna or bonito in oil.

79.  Partridge with Pears (Perdiz con Peras)
Partidges flambeed in brandy and served with pears in a spiced wine syrup.

80.  Pasta with Three Goat Cheeses (Pasta a los Tres Quesos de Cabra)
Green spinach pasta with a sauce of three flavorful goat cheeses.

81.  Patatas Juanita (Patatas Juanita en Salsa de Almendras)
A delicious potato dish was sent to us by our friend Juanita.

82.  Pebbled Rice (Arroz Empedrat)
A dry rice dish made with white beans or chickpeas, a whole head of garlic, and a regional selection of vegetables.

83.  Pheasant Alcántara Style (Faisán al Modo de Alcántara)
Attributed to the Benedictine monastery in Alcántara, this recipe has become a popular way of cooking partridge, pheasant, or woodcock.

85.  Potatoes and Rabbit in the Mountain (Conejo Estilo Montaña)
A vegetarian dish, where herbs, garlic and pimenton compensate for the lack of meat or chorizo.

86.  Potatoes and Rabbit in the Mountain Version II (Conejo a la Montañesa)
A meatless dish from Salamanca, full of herbs, garlic, and pimenton.

87.  Rare Squab (Pichón poco Hecho)
Delicately cooked squab served with tiny onions and lychees on a walnut cake with chocolate squab sauce.

88.  Rice a Banda (Arroz a Banda)
A dish from the fishermen of the Mediterranean coast, the yellow rice soaks up every bit of flavor.

89.  Rice with Beans and Turnips (Arroz con Alubias y Nabos)
An earthy winter dish or rice, root vegetables and beans cooked in an earthware casserole.

90.  Rice with Fresh Tuna and Prawns (Arroz con Atún Fresco y Gambas)
This rice dish is made with fresh tuna and prawns for a fine seafood paella; a treat of the fishermen.

91.  Rice with Langoustines (Cazuela de Arroz con Langostinos)
This rice is cooked right with the langoustines, so the grains soak up every bit of shellfish flavor.

92.  Rice with Vegetables (Arroz en Paella con Verduras)
This paella is made with fresh vegetables, fine Calasparra rice, and a bit of cod.

93.  Roast Baby Lamb (Cordero Lechal Asado)
Baby lamb roasted with potatoes, garlic, onions and herbs.

94.  Roast Beef (Ternera Asada)
Spanish version of roast beef, marinated overnight then roasted with potatoes and vegetables and served with a pan gravy.

95.  Roast Tuna or Bonito (Bonito Asado)
Tuna marinated overnight in garlic and oil, then cooked in a cazuela with with onion and chili pepper rings.

97.  Salmon with Saffron Sauce (Salmón con Salsa de Azafrán)
Salmon fillets and chickpeas, cooked in a blended chickpea saffron sauce.

98.  Santa Pau Beans with Butifarra Pork Tripe Sausage (Fesols con Butifarra de Perol)
Fesol (haricot) beans are cooked with pork tripe sausage in this simple, hearty dish from Santa Pau.

99.  Santander Stew (Guiso de Santander)
This regional stew of pork and sausages is made with dried white beans instead of the usual chickpeas.

100.  Scrambled Eggs with Truffles (Huevos Revueltos con Trufas)
A classic dish of scrambled eggs and sliced truffles, cooked with an optional jigger of Madeira or Oporto wine.

101.  Sea Bream on Its Back (Dorada a la Espalda)
Grilled (or baked) sea bream is topped with a spicy mixture of garlic and chili pepper rings.

102.  Shelled Beans with Clams (Alubias con Almejas)
Beans, fresh clams and saffron flavor this simply seasoned entree.

103.  Shish Kebabs (Pinchitos)
Pork or lamb kabobs infused with a zesty marinade that harkens back to the days of the Moors.

104.  Shoulder of Baby Lamb (Paletilla de Lechal)
Tender lamb simply spiced and cooked with potatoes in an earthware dish.

105.  Sirloin of Venison with Anchovies and Old Manchego Cheese (Solomillo de Ciervo Mechado de Anchoas al Queso Manchego Curado)
Acorn or chestnut puree accompanies venison sirloin cooked with anchovies and manchego.

106.  Sirloin Steaks with Stewed Onion and Sweet Mustard (Filetes de Solomillo con Cebolla Estofada y Mostaza Dulce)
A modern dish of sirloin medallions with a caramelized brown sugar and mustard crust and a caramelized onion garnish.

107.  Smoked Paprika Rub for Turkey (Adobo de Pimentón Para Pavo)
Add amazing smoky flavor and golden color to your next holiday turkey.

108.  Smoky Roasted Potatoes (Patadas Asadas Humeantes)
Smoked paprika adds a delightful Spanish touch to this roasted blend of sweet and Russet potatoes.

109.  Sole Stuffed with Fried Vegetables (Lenguado Relleno de Verduras Fritas)
Crisp julienned vegetables in golden browned sole, garnished with mushrooms and sauce.

110.  Soupy Rice with Lobster (Arroz Caldoso con Bogavante)
A delicious rice dish with an odd name, flavored with cuttlefish, lobster, artichokes and beans.

111.  Steamed Loin Fillets of Turbot in a White Wine Sauce (Rodaballo al Vapor con Salsa de Vino Blanco)
Steamed turbot is stuffed with breadcrumbs and slivers of citrus rind, served with asparagus and a wine sauce.

112.  Stewed Turresilano Farmyard Fowl (Gallo de Corral Turresilano)
A traditional farm stew in an updated version from Tordesillas.

113.  Stuffed Eggplants (Berenjenas Rellenas)
Eggplants stuffed with lentils, rice and ground meat with classic Spanish seasonings.

114.  Surf 'n' Turf (Lobster with Chicken) (Mar i Terra)
Rich, brandied lobster and chicken bake in a casserole with herbs, garlic, and hazelnuts.

115.  Swordfish Brochettes (Brochetas de Pez Espada)
Grilled swordfish skewers with tomato, onion and green pepper, served with a Spanish aliño dressing of garlic, lemon, parsley, and oil. Can be made with other solid-fleshed fish.

116.  Tagliatelli with Four Cheeses (Tagliatelli a los Cuatro Quesos)
Spinach tagliatelli served with a light herb cream sauce flavored with four Spanish cheeses.

117.  Tortilla Milagros (Tortilla Milagros)
When we lived in Puerto de Santa Maria, our friend Milagros would serve this excellent tortilla.

118.  Trout from the High Pyrenees (Truchas Alto Pirineo)
Bacon and pepper stuffed trout is roasted and sauced in this tradtional recipe from the Parador.

119.  Trout Navarre Style (Trucha a la Navarra)
Trout cooked with ham to serve with new potatoes.

120.  Tuna Belly Steak with Sun-dried Tomato Juice and Scallion Seedlings (Filete de Bonito con Jugo de Tomate Seco y Cebolleta)
Grilled ventresca tuna belly steaks with cherry tomatoes, scallion sprouts and olive oil.

121.  Turbot, Galician Style (Rodaballo a la Gallega)
A simple recipe from Galicia cooks the fish over simmering potatoes and onions, presented with a garlic and pimentón dressing.

122.  Valencian Paella (Arroz en Paella a la Valenciana)
A true Valencian paella made from the products of that fertile coast -- rabbit and chicken, tomato, local green and dried beans, and white snails.

123.  Valle del Esla Beef Cheek Stew (Guiso de Carrillada del Valle del Elsa)
The beef cheeks slow cook with vegetables and a brandied stock.

124.  Vegetable Stew (Estofado de Verduras)
Bottled mixed vegetables speed the preparation of this vegetable stew flavored with jamon serrano and topped with hard-boiled eggs.

125.  Vegetable Stew with Serrano Ham (Guiso de Verduras y Jamón Serrano)
Vegetable flavors come forward when each is cooked separately in this stew with garlic and ham.

126.  Vegetarian Paella (Paella de Verduras)
A meatless version of an authentic Spanish paella.

127.  Zamora-Style Rice (Arroz al Estilo de Zamora)
A rice dish cooked in an earthenware casserole, with pork bits, turnip, bacon and spices.

128.  Zarangollo with Cured Beef and Serena Cheese Sauce (Zarangollo con Cecina de Vaca y Salsa de Queso de la Serena)
Dressed summer vegetables are molded into individual rings, and served with sliced cured beef and cheese sauce.

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