Many Spanish treats revolve around delectable confections of eggs, almonds, and honey in the form of marzipan, cookies and ice cream -- all drawn from their Moorish past. Yet the universal childhood favorite is a plateful of churros and chocolate. Buen Provecho!

40 recipes in this category

1.  Almond Cakes (Pastas de Almendra)
A delicate almond cake from a Granada convent.

2.  Almond Flan (Flan de Almendras)
Simple to make and a nice light dessert.

3.  Almond Snaps (Tejas de Almendra)
Lace-like almond biscuits to serve with coffee at the end of a meal.

4.  Arbequina Olive Oil Ice Cream on a Hojiblanca Oil Cake (Helado de Aceite de Oliva Arbequina Sobre Torta de Aceite Hojiblanca)
Arbequina and Hojiblance olive oils star in these individual cakes served with syrup, crisps and olive oil ice cream.

5.  Black and White Chocolate Bonbons (Bombones de Chocolate Negro y Blanco)
Exquisite chocolate bonbons with a creamy white chocolate and herbal liqueur filling.

6.  Breadcrumb Fritters in Honey Syrup (Frutas de Sartén con Miel)
A traditional Easter treat sweetened with honey, from a monastery menu.

7.  Calanda Peaches in Wine with Yogurt Sauce (Melocotones de Calanda al Vino con Salsa de Yogur)
Fresh peaches in fruited wine syrup, topped with a sweet yogurt sauce.

8.  Calanda Peaches with a Meringue Topping (Melocotones de Calanda Rellenos con Merengue)
Peaches filled with custard and topped with meringue.

9.  Cameros Cheese and Apple Pastries with Honey Ice Cream (Templada con Queso de Camero, Manzana y Helado de Miel)
Cheese pastries topped with baked apple slices, with homemade honey ice cream.

10.  Casar Cheese Ice Cream with Villuercas Honey (Helado de Queso del Casar con Miel de las Villuercas)
Homemade ice cream flavored with cheese and honey, sprinkled with cinnamon.

11.  Cheese Ice Cream (Helado de Queso)
Idiazábal and Torta de la Serena, two classic Spanish cheeses, flavor this custard served with a berry sauce made from blackberries, red currants or raspberries.

12.  Churros (Churros)
No open-air festival in Spain would be complete without these fresh fritters, dusted with sugar.

13.  Churros Version II (Churros Version II)
Crunchy treats that are great for breakfast or as a dessert.

14.  Custard-filled Pancakes with Aguardiente (Tortitas Rellenas de Natillas al Aguardiente)
Lemon custard fills these brandy flavored pancakes, served splashed with liqueur and dusted with powdered sugar.

15.  Farinetes with Ratafía Liqueur and Honey (Farinetes con Ratafía y Miel)
Buckwheat fritters flavored with ratafia liquer and honey, from Garrotxa.

16.  Flourless Almond Cake (Bizcocho de Almendra sin Harina)
A deceptively simple recipe from a Spanish convent that produces an almond cake bursting with flavor.

17.  Fruit and Kirsch Symphony (Sinfonía de Fruta y Kirsch)
A lemon kirsch syrup enlivens this summer fruit salad.

18.  Horchata de Chufa (Horchata de Chufa)
Horchata de Chufa is Valencia

19.  Hot Ganache with Pink Pepper Ice Cream (Ganache Caliente con Helado de Pimienta Rosa)
A dramatic dessert of rich chocolate ganache with pink pepper ice cream.

20.  Lemon Berry Dessert Cup (Postre de Limón y Fresa)
A delightful summer dessert of fresh berries, kirsch soaked sponge cake, and lemon cream.

21.  Lemon Fritters (Paparojotes)
A dessert delicacy from Murcia made with lemon leaves, these lemon flavored fritters are often served with ice cream.

22.  Magdalena Sponge-Cakes (Magdalenas)
A traditional recipe from the Poor Clares nuns in the Basque region of Spain.

23.  Manchego Cheese Custard (Natillas de Queso Manchego)
A dessert custard of Manchego cheese with a caramel crust and walnut halves.

24.  Marcona Almond Citrus Olive Oil Cake (Almendra Marcona Citrus Olive Oil Pastel)
This rustic yet elegant cake is the perfect marriage of two quintessential Spanish ingredients - Marcona almonds and extra virgin olive oil.

25.  Natilla (Natilla)
A simple and satisfying soft custard from Spain, lightly flavored with cinnamon.

26.  Peach Tart (Tarta de Melocotón)
Calanda peaches topped with an almond meringue.

27.  Pedro Ximénez Bavarois (Crema Bávara al Pedro Ximenez)
A molded Bavarois flavored with Pedro Ximenez wine.

28.  Pescajœs (Pescajœs)
Brandy flavored pancakes filled with Crema Catalan.

29.  Pineapple Refresher with Herbs and Fruit (Refrescante de Piña con Hierbas y Frutas)
Pineapple sorbet with mixed tropical fruits, and herbs.

30.  Pumpkin Crema Catalana (Crema Catalana de Calabaza)
An autumn twist on traditional Crema Catalana.

31.  Rice Pudding (Arroz con Leche)
Rich and delicious, but not too heavy, this soothing dish is a family favorite throughout Spain.

32.  San Pablo's Christmas Marzipan (Mazapán de San Pablo)
A Christmas marzipan recipe from a Spanish convent that starts with home-ground almonds.

33.  Seville or Bitter Orange Rind Preserved in Syrup (Cáscara de Naranja Amarga en Almíbar)
A syrupy preserve of bitter orange rinds as made by the nuns of San Leandro.

34.  Smoked Cheese Ice Cream in a Filo Pastry Flower (Helado de Queso Ahumado en Flor de Pasta Filo)
Homemade pastry flower cups filled with an interesting ice cream, drizzled with honey.

35.  Sweet Dripping Buns (Bollos de Manteca)
A traditional dough made with pork drippings, and flavored with lemon, brandy, sugar and spice.

36.  Sweet Egg Dessert (Tocinillo de Cielo)
A dessert specialty from the Asturian town of Grado that can be served on its own or with a raspberry sauce.

37.  Tarta de Santiago (Tarta de Santiago)
This delicious almond cake originates in the medieval pilgrimage town of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia.

38.  Terrine of Quince Jelly and Majorero Cheese (Tarrina de Dulce de Membrillo y Queso Majorero)
Layers of sliced quince jelly alternate with a sweetened lemon cheese cream in this handsome and flavorful dessert terrine.

39.  Textures of chocolate, corn and lemon (Texturas de Chocolate, Maíz y Limón)
Three sorbets of chocolate, corn and lemon elegantly accented with additional cocoa, lemon and cream garnishes. A recipe for the professional, or skilled home cook.

40.  Two Turrón Ice Cream (Helado a los dos Turrones)
A wonderfully rich dessert based on Jijona and Alicante turrón.

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