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Young Goat’s Milk Cheese by Doña Julia - 1.3 lbs


Young Goat’s Milk Cheese by Doña Julia - 1.3 lbs

Creamy and Bright | CS-189

All Natural

cs-189 cs-189
  • Out Of Season (Product available seasonally.)
  • Perishable
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  • Creamy, rich goat’s milk cheese
  • Soft and meltable
  • From the countryside of La Mancha
  • Mild and delicious
  • Made with vegetarian rennet
  • Size - 1.3 lbs/21 oz

This delicious goat’s milk cheese is aged for just 15 days, so it is very soft and creamy. It has a very mild flavor with a pleasant saltiness. A perfect base for canapés, it melts beautifully. We like to serve slices on crackers paired with a refreshing white wine.

This cheese is made from the milk of pasture-raised goats in the countryside of La Mancha. It is named after the matriarch of the family that owns the cheese company, Doña Julia.

Aged 15 days, pasteurized milk, vegetable rennet.

Use and Care

This cheese will keep for approximately one to two weeks in the refrigerator.

We do not recommend freezing cheese as it degrades the quality of the product.

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