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Yerba Mate by Amanda in Cloth Bag

Yerba Mate by Amanda in Cloth Bag

2.2 Pounds of Yerba Mate Tea

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  • Traditional herbal tea from Argentina
  • Classic version by Amanda
  • Naturally relaxing and invigorating
  • About the same caffeine as black tea
  • Size - 2.2 lbs/1 kilo

Amanda yerba mate is a classic herbal tea from the countryside of Argentina. Brewed a traditional gourd or cup, millions of Argentinians enjoy it daily. It is served in a similar way to English tea, where friends gather to enjoy a stimulating hot brew.

Yerba mate has a strong herbal flavor and both stimulates and relaxes. Unlike tea or coffee, there is no edgy feeling when drinking this hot beverage. Also, it can be repeatedly brewed without loosing its flavor or other characteristics. Typically friends will gather and share sips from the same cup, adding hot water (never boiling hot) as they chat and share time together.

The native peoples of South America first discovered this healthy, invigorating plant and passed the tradition on to modern Argentinians. Try a cup of yerba mate - it may replace your morning coffee or tea!

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