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2 Packages of Yerba Mate Tea from Argentina

2 Packages of Yerba Mate Tea from Argentina

Two 2.2 Pound Packages of Yerba Mate Tea

All Natural

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  • Invigorating tea from Argentina
  • Classic South American drink
  • By Amanda, 70 years of experience
  • Contains caffeine and other stimulants
  • Relaxing and stimulating
  • Size - 2 x 2.2 lbs/1 kilo

Yerba mate is a very popular beverage in Argentina and other parts of Latin America. It has a simultaneously invigorating and relaxing effect without the edgy feeling that coffee can create. It has a pleasant herbal taste, a bit like green tea but somewhat stronger, more like fresh cut hay. This generous 2.2 pound package is the real thing, aged to perfection, for the authentic Argentina yerba mate experience.

Yerba mate is enjoyed in a similar way to English tea in Argentina. The dried and aged leaves are brewed in hot water (never boiling) and served in a small gourd or cup. Sharing yerba mate with friends and family is typical - a communal experience. Usually the host brews the yerba mate, then passes it around to the group as they chat and share time together, refilling the cup as it empties. Unlike with tea or coffee, hot water can be added to yerba mate several times producing the same flavor and stimulating effects.

Yerba mate is native to South America, a wild bush that the indigenous peoples of the area used for centuries. Tea made from yerba mate contains caffeine and other stimulants, but unlike coffee which directly affects the nervous system, studies suggest it has more of an affect on the muscles. So you will feel more alert and awake without the edgy feeling that can occur with coffee or tea. Yerba mate contains natural antioxidants and many beneficial nutrients.

Brew up a cup of yerba mate - you may find it replaces coffee and tea as your favorite pick-me-up.

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