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Creamy White Garlic Paste from Peru

Creamy White Garlic Paste from Peru

Smooth and Creamy, Great for Sauces and Marinades

  • Adds great flavor for cooking
  • Melts into soups and sauces
  • A classic ingredient in Peruvian cooking
  • Imported from Peru, by Inca's Food
  • Size - 7.5 oz/212 gr

This creamy, flavorful garlic paste is perfect for cooking your favorite recipes. Because it is so smooth, it will blend into soups, stews and sauces, adding delicious flavor without changing the texture.

Creamy garlic, or liquefied garlic, is a very popular ingredient in Peruvian cooking. It has a full, intense garlic taste and can be added to almost any savory dish, from simple roasted potatoes, to sautéed meats and vegetables. It also adds great flavor to barbecue marinades.

Customer Reviews

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    "The absolute best garlic spread you will ever taste! I put it in stews, soups anything cooked. I also spread it on top of toasted bread and grilled veggies. It is slightly sweet yet still has a wonderful garlic flavor but not over powerful. Amazing flavor. I will always have this on hand. Thanks for sharing. "

    November 2016

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