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New Sale White Asparagus Spears by Rosara - 6-8 Count

White Asparagus Spears by Rosara - 6-8 Count

Delicious Asparagus from Navarra

All Natural

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  • Very tender whole spears
  • 6-8 spears per tin
  • Refrigerate before serving
  • Add to salads or serve as a tapa
  • Size - 0.6 lb/8.8 oz - 6-8 count

These white asparagus spears are meltingly tender and tasty. Serve whole chilled spears with a dollop of mayonnaise and a glass of white wine, or add slices to your next fresh salad.

White asparagus are the shoots of the asparagus fern. Each spring, the spears grow towards the surface as the temperatures climb. Unlike green asparagus, the white spears never break the surface of the soil, so they are prevented from becoming green and fibrous.

These Rosara brand asparagus spears are such high quality that they have earned the D.O. (Denomination of Origin) status that protects the quality of true Navarran asparagus.

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