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New Sale White Asparagus Spears by El Navarrico - Thick Grade, 17-24 Count

White Asparagus Spears by El Navarrico - Thick Grade, 17-24 Count

Thick Asparagus from Navarra

All Natural

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  • Meltingly tender
  • ‘Thick’ grade, 17-24 per tin
  • Serve chilled
  • Easy open tin
  • Great on salads
  • Size - 2.2 lbs/35.2 oz - 17-24 count

El Navarrico white asparagus spears are meltingly tender, the best we have ever tried. In Spain, this delicacy is the crowning touch to a salad or is served whole with mayonnaise.

Spain’s King once tasted white asparagus from El Navarrico and exclaimed 'Cojonudos!’ which is slightly off-color slang for ‘delicious!’

As the weather warms in the spring, spears of an asparagus fern begin to grow through the rich soil of Navarra. What keeps the asparagus white is that the spears never reach the surface. They are kept covered by large earth mounds so the spears never see the sun, which would turn them green and fibrous. These asparagus are grown from plants that are several years old, producing remarkably thick spears.

El Navarrico is renowned for offering Spain’s most tender white asparagus. This area is so well known in Spain for asparagus that it has its own D.O. (protected Denomination of Origin), guaranteeing its quality.

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