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Extra Thick White Asparagus Spears

Extra Thick White Asparagus Spears

Hand Peeled, Meltingly Tender

All Natural

  • Meltingly tender
  • A striking addition to your table!
  • Delicious and rare
  • Hand peeled in Navarra
  • Size - 4-6 count

These extra thick tender white asparagus spears are the finest, most tender asparagus that we have ever seen! They are in such short supply that some years we buy the entire harvest to make sure we have enough. What a striking appetizer to share with your family and special guests.

They are best enjoyed with a dollop of mayonnaise and a glass of wine. Unlike the usual green type, the spears of this artisan white asparagus from Navarra are covered with moist earth to shield them from the light until the day they are picked. This process produces extremely tender and delicious spears that literally melt in your mouth!

They are another top quality vegetable from El Navarrico, a small family company specializing in the famous vegetables of Navarra.

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    November 2014

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