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Cave Aged Valdeón Blue Cheese Wedge - 1 lb


Cave Aged Valdeón Blue Cheese Wedge - 1 lb

Cave Aged Blue Cheese with Creamy, Bold Flavor

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  • Creamy blue, sharp yet smooth
  • Cave aged for two months
  • Milder than Cabrales
  • Blue cheese from León
  • Blend of cow and goat milks
  • Size - 1 lb/453 gr

Valdeón is a rich blue with a pleasant bite. We love to serve it with fresh fruit and sparkling Cava or sharp cider. Valdeón is also delicious melted on a grilled steak or burger.

Valdeón blue cheese comes from the province of Castilla y León in northern Spain. Rich cow’s milk is combined with tangy goat’s milk, then aged in natural caves for two months. The result is a creamy cheese with a bold flavor.

Valdeón cheese has an assertive sharpness but is not as powerful as its cousin Cabrales. Valdeón caves are less humid than those near the town of Cabrales and have less of the intense molds of the area, which are what help give Cabrales its characteristically strong taste. Valdeón is bold without being harsh and offers a complex array of flavors.

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