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2 Premium Tortilla Española Potato Omelets

2 Premium Tortilla Española Potato Omelets

All Natural - Ready in Minutes

All Natural

  • All natural, contains no preservatives
  • Classic Spanish recipe
  • Made from eggs and potatoes
  • Frozen, shipped with dry ice
  • Size - 2 x 1.1 pounds

Spanish tortilla, made from potatoes and eggs, is one of the great comfort foods of Spain. Served hot or cold, they hit the spot as a delicious snack. They are a favorite tapa in bars and cafes across Spain. Now you can enjoy this Spanish classic at home in just a few minutes!

This tasty tortilla by Alinaco is all natural - just potatoes, eggs, oil and salt. Tortillas made from Spanish potatoes have a special flavor you can only find in Spain - even homemade tortillas we've cooked don't capture the authentic taste we remember from visits to Spain.

Every Spaniard claims that his or her mom makes the best tortilla in Spain. The recipe is simple, first the potatoes are simmered in olive oil, mixed with fresh eggs, and then the mixture is cooked in a pan and carefully flipped using a plate and slid back in the pan.

Or you can simply heat up one of these tasty tortillas and serve it in a matter of minutes!

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Customer Reviews

Average rating from 16 reviews Write a review
  • avatar

    "Very tasty. Would order again"

    December 2018

  • avatar

    "I don't think these are that great. i grew up eating these and they are ok but not homemade. nothing like making it at home. "

    December 2017

  • avatar

    "Very good tortilla! It's better to let it thaw first and then microwave it for about 5 minutes. Flavor and texture are similar to products found in Spain, and works if you don't want to engage in the process of making your own homemade tortilla. All in all, it gained my wife's approval, and that's significant!"

    October 2017

  • avatar

    "I didn't expect to enjoy this because of its prepackaging. What a surprise! It's as good as anything I've had in Spain, and I'll definitely order more."

    July 2017

  • avatar

    "My wife from Spain says these are great! We completely defrost them and then with a little olive oil in a fry pan reheat and brown a little (Both sides). Just like home made."

    March 2017

  • avatar

    "Delicious! Just like Spain! We make these at home too, but ordering from La Tienda is MUCH easier. Highly recommended. "

    January 2017

  • avatar

    "Love it! "

    November 2016

  • avatar

    "a bit bland"

    January 2015

  • avatar

    "Also delicious and better than I can make at home."

    November 2014

  • avatar

    "above expectation"

    June 2014

  • avatar

    "Tortilla Espanola - very, very good as usual - would repeat order - DrCCJones, USA/SC - una sugerencia - tengan much cuidado con el papel plastico que cuvre el platon - se separa muy facil"

    May 2014

  • avatar

    "Although I haven't tried the tortillas because they contain onions, my family says it's really good... the real thing."

    April 2014

  • avatar

    "Excellent product and just like the tortillas you eat in tapas bars across Spain. Bravo on offering such an outstanding product. "

    December 2013

  • avatar

    "I loved it"

    March 2013

  • avatar

    "I like the fact that are ready to eat in 10 minutes (I warm them in the microwave. They used to be larger in size, but as a "quick" tapas are great."

    January 2013

  • avatar

    "Hi. I eat a lot of Spanish tortillas here in the USA. These are by far the best ones. Excellent flavor and quality. The best, thanks to la tienda for outstanding service"

    June 2012

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