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Smoked Yellowfin Tuna Loin

Smoked Yellowfin Tuna Loin

Cured and Hardwood Smoked

  • Yellowfin tuna
  • Smoked over hardwood
  • Premium grade cut from the loin
  • Lightly cured, not cooked
  • Add to salads or canapés
  • Size - 7 oz/200 gr

This delicious smoked tuna is delicate and tender, with an enticing smokiness that we can't resist. We serve paper thin slices on canapés with cream cheese and pickled guindilla peppers. Sometimes we prefer the slices drizzled with olive oil and served on flavorful crackers. Any recipe that features smoked salmon can be elevated with this flavorful smoked tuna.

Our friends at Salazones Garre in Murcia are masters at preserving tuna. The classic salt cured tuna, mojama, originated thousands of years ago and is popular to this day. The latest generation who run this family-owned company decided to create a cured tuna that is more delicate and less intense than traditional mojama. They began to test different recipes.

This smoked tuna is the fruit of their quest. A whole fresh loin of yellowfin tuna is lightly salted, then hardwood smoked in cool conditions. This careful curing helps it to retain its delicate texture. The resulting tuna is almost sushi-like in texture but with a light saltiness and a bright smoky flavor.

Customer Reviews

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    "Simply delicious this smoke tuna, highly recommended "

    Carlos_egr - Fort Myers, FL - Oct 22, 2017

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    "We loved it thinly sliced with a drizzle of olive oil over crostini "

    Jasmine - Chesapeake , VA - Oct 15, 2017

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    "This is DELICIOUS! Not too salty, with a subtle flavor. Great in salads, on crackers with cream cheese, or just cut a slice and enjoy unembellished!"

    Lacy L - St Petersburg, FL - Apr 11, 2017

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    "Last but not least the delicious cod. Best buy on cod anywhere"

    Mercedes Miller - oxford, MI - Apr 9, 2017

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    "This was very nice addition to a salad!"

    Jennifer Francois - Vienna, VA - Apr 9, 2017

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    "Thought I'd try it. I put it on Portugese style bruschetta...it was excellent "

    Dziadziu - Woodbridge , NJ - Nov 12, 2016

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