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Set of 4 Individual Olive Wood Salad Bowls

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Set of 4 Individual Olive Wood Salad Bowls

Solid Wood - Handmade

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  • Authentic Spanish aged olive wood
  • Hand carved
  • Beautifully crafted in Mallorca
  • Each with a unique appearance
  • Size - 4 bowls - Each 5 inches wide x 1.75 inches deep

This beautiful set of four individual salad bowls is a delight for your table, and makes a wonderful gift. Marbled with beautiful wood grain, the beauty of each bowl develops further with each use.

Each piece is carved from a single block of aged olive wood by a family of artisans on the island of Mallorca. The gorgeous undulating grain of the olive wood makes these bowls more than just a serving piece for salad, but works of art in themselves.

Since ancient times, olive wood has been one of the most prized mediums for carving; because when fashioned by an artisan this hardwood provides a smooth, silky finish. The wood is so dense and hard that it will last for generations.

The family of artisans fashions the aged olive wood by cutting, hollowing, turning, and sanding the ancient wood. Finally each piece is coated with a natural sunflower coating.

Care for your olive wood by periodically coating it with a neutral vegetable oil to prevent it from drying out. Ironically, you should not use olive oil because it can give off a bad flavor if it spoils. Wash by hand.

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