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Secret Blend Extra Virgin Olive Oil by José Andrés Foods

Secret Blend Extra Virgin Olive Oil by José Andrés Foods

Balanced and Flavorful

All Natural

  • Blend of premium olives
  • Excellent for everyday use
  • Gold medal in the L.A. Olive Oil Competition
  • Presented by celebrated chef José Andrés
  • Made by the artisans at Casas de Hualdo
  • Size - 16.9 fl oz/500 ml

A few words about this item from chef José Andrés:

Nature gives us many olive varieties that produce excellent oils all their own - but what happens when, in the first days of harvest, we unite the very best of them? In our Secret Blend, our Maestro de Almazara - literally, "master of the olive press" - has created an exquisite blend of Spain's finest oils with passion and respect for nature's gifts. I like to think of it as the hero of olive oil - not only able to do everything, it also elevated every dish from ordinary to extraordinary. Reaching the pinnacle of what Spanish olive oil can attain, our Secret Blend is perfection in a bottle.

Customer Reviews

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    "I have tried other Spanish olive oils and find the taste of 'Leoncio' to be superb.I have used it on salads and it imparts a delicate flavor that is much better than Italian olive oil.I have used it on sliced oranges with alittle black pepper,What a treat.I will buy it again."

    February 2011

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