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Sea Salt and Black Pepper Chocolate Bar by Luxocolat


Sea Salt and Black Pepper Chocolate Bar by Luxocolat

Exceptional Chocolate from Barcelona

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  • 64% dark chocolate
  • Sprinkled with sea salt flakes and black pepper
  • With cocoa nibs (ground cocoa beans)
  • Made in Barcelona
  • 64% dark chocolate
  • Size - 3.52 oz/100 gr

Enjoy a surprising and sophisticated chocolate experience with this premium confection. Each bar of fine dark chocolate is sprinkled with flakes of sea salt, ground black pepper and crunchy cocoa nibs. It is a concert of sweet and spicy, salty and bittersweet.

The chocolate maestros of Luxocolat roast their cocoa beans on site, ensuring the highest quality, freshest chocolates in Spain. This bar is a minimum of 64% cocoa, and has a deep, rich flavor with notes of tropical fruit. The melted chocolate is formed into a bar, and while it is still cooling it is sprinkled with thick flakes of sea salt and a dash of cracked black pepper. Cocoa nibs, which are pieces of roasted cocoa beans, are then sprinkled on last.

Since 1904, the Vira family has made fine chocolates in Barcelona. Originally founded by Josep Ramón, the tradition has carried on for four generations.

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Customer Reviews

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  • "This is one of the most decadent chocolate bars ever. I savoured it and, by eatng one square an evening, tried to make it last. Alas, I ate it all and dream of ordering another"

    Anne - Cary, NC April 2018

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