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Sardine Fillets in Olive Oil and Vinegar by Peregrino


Sardine Fillets in Olive Oil and Vinegar by Peregrino

Tender, Mild Sardines in Marinade

All Natural

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  • Fresh marinated fillets
  • Packed in extra virgin olive oil and vinegar
  • Healthy mild tapa
  • With garlic and parsley
  • Meatier version of boquerones
  • Size - 5.1 oz (145g)/drained weight 4.2oz (120g)

Tender, delicate white fillets of fresh sardines are a delicious tapa served with bread and a glass of white wine. Similar to boquerones (white anchovies), sardines are meatier with an even milder flavor.

Fresh sardines are harvested from the Atlantic and filleted by hand. They are then packed in vinegar and extra virgin olive oil with garlic and parsley. The marinade preserves the fish and gives it a delicate texture and very mild taste.

Serve these healthy sardine fillets on canapes with roasted peppers, or add them to your next fresh salad. We love to simply serve them on a plate along with some green olives and nibble away as we sip dry sherry!

These sardine fillets will arrive cold. Use within a couple of weeks and store in the refrigerator.

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Customer Reviews

Average rating from 4 reviews
  • "Very good"

    Rosa - Cincinnati, OH December 2020

  • "I usually enjoy certain kind of seafood especially sardines a capers. This item was a bit too salty."

    Carole - Covington, GA October 2020

  • "Tangy and full bodied. High quality sardines neatly packaged and easy to serve. "

    Esther - Chesterton, IN February 2019

  • "Excellent"

    Alberto - Newville, PA April 2017

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