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Salmorejo - Cordoba-style Thick Gazpacho


Salmorejo - Cordoba-style Thick Gazpacho

Refreshing Chilled Soup - All Natural

All Natural

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  • The classic chilled soup of Córdoba
  • Made with rustic bread and extra virgin olive oil
  • Made by hand
  • Thicker with a mild flavor
  • All natural - no preservatives
  • Size - 13.5 fl oz/400 ml

Salmorejo is a chilled tomato soup from Cordoba, where they know how to cool of on a hot day! While similar to gazpacho, it is far thicker with a milder taste. In Córdoba, it is served as a chilled soup with a garnish of diced Serrano ham and hard-boiled eggs.

This classic soup of Córdoba could not be more authentic. The Salmorejo is made by Despensa la Nuestra in small batches that taste as close to homemade as you will ever find – because it is truly made by homemakers in rural Córdoba.

Salmorejo is made from tomatoes, dried country-style bread, extra virgin olive oil, garlic and vinegar. The tomatoes are skinned and pureed with the other ingredients to create a dish that is almost more like a dip than a soup. Because of its sauce-like consistency, Salmorejo is often eaten by dipping bread into it.

Now you can try this authentic Cordovan dish in your own home. A delicious alternative to the more commonly found gazpacho, it is typically milder than gazpacho as it is made with a higher percentage of country bread, which counters the normal acidity of tomatoes.

This hand made Salmorejo is made by Despensa la Nuestra, a very small company in Cordoba. When the local sugar beet factory closed, a group of women founded Despensa la Nuestra to create both jobs and authentic, easy to prepare Spanish food. The women start work before dawn so that their work is complete in time to greet their children from school.

One of the reasons the company was founded is to assist working women. With the help of the women at Despensa la Nuestra, other working women will be able to continue to serve their families authentic home made Spanish dishes, without sacrificing their valuable family time.

Despensa products are carefully and thoughtfully produced to taste as close to homemade as you will find without having prepared the food yourself. They use top quality produce from their own farm and never add any coloring or preservatives.

Serve chilled and keep refrigerated after opening.

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Customer Reviews

Average rating from 5 reviews
  • "I’ve had this in my cupboard for a while. With summer ending in northeast Ohio, I thought it would be a great, light meal to say good-bye to our hot summer days. It didn’t disappoint; thick, tasty, and just perfect with a little browned chorizo and hard-boiled egg on top. Along with a glass of sangria, I was transported to my visit to Sevilla two years ago. Thank you, La Tienda, for bringing delicious foods/drinks of Spain to the US table. "

    Cindy - North Canton, OH September 2018

  • "First time I have tried this product, I liked it but my family did not agree. That just left more for me!"

    Kathleen - Fleming Island April 2013

  • Bill - Warminster, Pennsylvania January 2013

  • "Loved it! Very similar taste to Gazpacho Andaluz but with more consistency (the bread?)."

    Cristina - February 2011

  • "quite good - but slight metallic aftertaste that makes me hesitate to order again -- it might be the taste of the olive oil, but it's not entirely pleasant and again almost tastes metallic or like some preservative"

    Celina - August 2010

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