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Salchichón Sausage

Salchichón Sausage

Sausage with Black Peppercorns - U.S. Made

  • Mild sausage with black peppercorns
  • Fully cured traditional sausage
  • Ready to slice and serve
  • About 1.5 inches thick
  • Made in the U.S. from a Spanish recipe
  • Size - 16 oz/1 lb

Salchichón is a favorite of our family. Each slice is mild and delicious, with an occasional piece of black pepper to add some pizzazz! We enjoy slices on fresh baked Galician bread for a tasty bocadillo, or served with olives and cheese as a wonderful tapa.

Unlike smoky chorizo sausage, salchichón is seasoned with black peppercorns and sea salt - no pimentón smoked paprika. It bears some resemblance to a quality Italian salami. As each salchichón cures over weeks, the flavors blend and the pork is transformed into a wonderful sausage.

Slice this salchichón sausage as thinly as possible and serve at room temperature with a glass of good Spanish wine. You can make a delicious bocadillo sandwich with a fresh baked loaf of rustic bread and thin salchichón slices.

Store in a cool, dry place and serve within a few days of opening. No refrigeration needed until opened, though everything stays fresher in the fridge!

Customer Reviews

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    "I remember eating Salchichon as a teenager when my Dad was stationed in Madrid in the late 50's and have loved it ever since. I was so excited to find it on your site! It is as good as ever! Thank you."

    June 2018

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    "Just as how I expected it."

    January 2018

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    "Love it."

    September 2017

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    "Great product! We love the taste. It made as to feel like being im Spain :)"

    April 2017

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    "enjoying this sausage as pre-dinner treat this holiday time"

    December 2016

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    June 2016

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    "Love this 'salchichon'in a nice crisp salad cut up into bite-sized pieces."

    February 2016

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    "All the products were excellent. The sausage was very good only a little harder to chew. But good anyway."

    September 2015

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    September 2015

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