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Queso Cremoso Spoonable Cheese by La Antigua

Queso Cremoso Spoonable Cheese by La Antigua

Creamy, Rich Sheep’s Milk Cheese

  • Soft and creamy, serve with a spoon!
  • Rich, intense flavor
  • Serve on fresh baked bread or toast
  • All natural ingredients: milk, thistle rennet and salt
  • Artisan made in the village of Fuentesaúco
  • Size - 19.4 oz/550 gr

This queso cremoso is an incredibly rich, flavorful cheese from Zamora. Slice off the top and the interior is almost liquid, and you are ready spoon this aromatic cheese onto crusty bread for a treat you will find nowhere else.

For a torta-style cheese like this, the key is freshness - once they age too long they become hard. We bring in fresh shipments at least once a month and we guarantee that the cheese you receive from La Tienda is absolutely fresh and soft.

The 60 day curing creates brings out the complex flavor the ewe’s diet of herbs and grasses from the remote countryside near the small town of Fuentesaúco, located between Zamora and Salamanca. The artisans at La Antigua use just raw fresh sheep's milk, salt and thistle rennet to create a fully artisan, all natural cheese.

Legend has it that this type of soft torta-style cheese originated as a mistake by shepherds who were seeking to create a hard cheese. When they happened upon the torta, they kept the special cheese to enjoy for themselves, but eventually the secret got out. Since then this style of cheese has become world famous. It is made entirely from the milk of the Churra sheep and is among the rare types of cheese that are thickened using vegetable rennet from the wild thistle plants.

Customer Reviews

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    "This is soooo delicious!!! Decadent,rich, creamy, and bursting with flavor. "

    Ccruciotti - Bonita Springs, Florida , FL - Sep 29, 2017

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    "A perfect soft cheese for spreading on crackers"

    Bruce - Silver Spring, MD - Jul 7, 2017

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