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New Pulpo - Tender Octopus from Spain

Pulpo - Tender Octopus from Spain

Two Whole Tentacles, Heat and Serve

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  • Two tender Spanish octopus tentacles
  • Fully cooked, heat and serve
  • Slice and serve Gallego-style
  • Grill or add to paella
  • Ships refrigerated
  • Size - 7 oz/200g

Enjoy the authentic flavor of Spanish octopus in no time with this delicious pre-cooked pulpo. These whole tentacles are carefully cooked in Spain until they are perfectly tender with a firm bite. Marinate and char on the grill or add slices to your paella. Or you can slice and serve with smoked Spanish paprika like they do in Galicia.

Pulpo (Spanish for octopus) is a beloved dish in Spain, especially in the northern region of Galicia. Pulpo is a popular dish in tapas bars served sliced and drizzled with olive oil. Because these tentacles are expertly cooked in Spain, they just need to be heated and served. We like to marinate the octopus in olive oil, garlic and rosemary and char it on the grill.

These tentacles are cooked to perfection and vacuum packed so they are ready to serve in minutes. Because of the high quality packaging, this pulpo can be stored in refrigeration for weeks and prepared at your convenience.

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