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Presa Ibérica de Bellota - Pork Shoulder Steak (1.6 Pounds)

Presa Ibérica de Bellota - Pork Shoulder Steak (1.6 Pounds)

Free Range Ibérico Pork - Approximately 1.6 lbs

  • Free range, acorn fed
  • Imported from Spain
  • Perfect for the grill
  • USDA approved - Shipped frozen
  • From Covap, a farmer's cooperative in Cordoba
  • Size - Approx. 1.6 lbs

Presa Ibérica de Bellota pork surprised us - it is like a fabulous steak crossed with the best pork you have ever tried! Beautifully colored and full of intense flavor, we like to call it "the other red meat." Presa is best grilled medium rare to showcase its juicy, tender bite and mouthwatering flavor, a tribute to its free-range, acorn fed origins.

Presa is a thick shoulder steak from free range Ibérico pork. It is thick and juicy, but leaner than the "pluma" end loin or the "secreto" flank steak.

Ibérico de Bellota pork comes from the famous Ibérico pigs of Spain. They live an ideal life wandering the forested meadows of western Spain, with a natural diet of grass, herbs and sweet acorns from encina holm oak trees. Their diet gives a complex flavor and a fat that literally melts in your mouth. Their active lifestyle provides the beautiful marbling that distinguishes Ibérico pork from any other.

Our favorite way to prepare presa is to grill or sear it, then cook at medium high heat until done. The center of the steak should still be pink. This cut has less fat than other types of Ibérico pork, so be careful not to overcook. Let it rest for 5 minutes after grilling, then cut thin slices and serve on a warm plate.

Your 'presa' steak will arrive frozen, delivered on dry ice. Bring to room temperature before cooking, and season with sea salt. Be sure to serve with a fine bottle of wine and a good, crusty loaf of bread!

The USDA recommends cooking all whole cuts of meat (including pork) to 145° F as measured with a food thermometer placed in the thickest part of the meat.

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Customer Reviews

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    "OMG this pork is unbelieveable! Once you try it you can never get enough of it. We order it in bulk because it runs out of stock so quickly. We grill it rare-med rare (abt 7-9 minutes)without ANY seasoning. It is nowhere near the pork (taste)you buy at the grocery store...it's well worth the money!"

    KATHY - SUFFOLK, Virginia - Jul 19, 2012

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    "This will redefine how you think of pork."

    Mark - Oct 29, 2011

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