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San Román Premium Powdered Saffron – 10 Packets

San Román Premium Powdered Saffron – 10 Packets

Ten Single Paella Doses - Powdered for Intense Flavoring Power

All Natural

  • Superior La Mancha saffron
  • 10 foil packets, each enough for one paella
  • Powdered to dissolve easily and impart more flavor
  • By Michelin starred chef María José San Román
  • Size - 100mg x 10

Saffron is a love affair for María José San Román. "It’s the only spice that you see, you smell, and you taste with such power," to quote her from an article in The New York Times. Her Alicante based Michelin starred restaurant, Monastrell, features pure La Mancha saffron in dozens of dishes.

This saffron is milled into a fine powder and sealed in foil pouches to protect its flavor. María José prefers to use powdered saffron in her kitchen. She finds that when it is added to paella or other dishes, the saffron powder releases all of its pungent floral flavors and golden color into each dish so that you can enjoy the full intensity of its qualities.

María José focuses on local, classic foods and presents her dishes in an simple modern style. Pure Spanish saffron is one of her most very favorite ingredients. Working with the University of Castilla – La Mancha, she has studied to discover the fundamental essence of saffron. Part of her life's work is to reintroduce this ancient, precious spice into the world of modern cuisine.

With saffron farmers in La Mancha she worked to create a line of top quality saffron. A key innovation was to seal the perfectly toasted saffron in foil packets, which protects it from air and light. In this case, the saffron is milled to a fine powder so that it releases its full intensity of flavor and color. Each packet is enough saffron for a typical paella or similar sized dish.

La Mancha is world for producing the finest, most flavorful saffron. Crocus flowers are hand picked in the fall, and the aromatic golden pistils are plucked out one by one by hand. The pistils are carefully toasted dry to bring out their full flavor. Only the finest La Mancha saffron is selected for the San Román line.

Keep in a cool dry place.

Customer Reviews

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    "I have not used it as yet, but looking forward to making my first paella in the next few weeks. The flat rate shipping rate would have been better if I had not purchased only 1 item. "

    March 2017

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    "It not only gives the perfect color but the taste of saffron is very good."

    June 2015

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    "a wonderful product"

    October 2014

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    "very good product, easy to use and results are good. "

    October 2014

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    "Was so pleased to find powder saffron. And I can certainly tell difference in the flavor than the stems we get in USA. Glad my cousin found you, she also dislikes what we get here. Got 1 box for my Italian friend so I am sure you have 2 new customers. Thank You."

    May 2014

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    "though kept in refrigerator it dried in unopened foil container and had no flavor. La Tienda Team: We so appreciate Jim's comments. For our customers' reference, delicate saffron like this should not be refrigerated. Best wishes!"

    February 2014

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