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2 Boxes of 1880 Piñones Pine Nut Treats

2 Boxes of 1880 Piñones Pine Nut Treats

Andalucian Pine Nuts in a Hard Candy Shell

  • Candy-coated Pine Nuts
  • Great for parties and entertaining
  • Made by famed traditional candy producer 1880
  • Sweet and crunchy
  • Size - 2 x 3.5 oz/100 g

Piñones candied pine nuts are nice and crunchy - you can eat them like peanuts. They are a great addition to any party - for many it will be a new treat.

Precious pine nuts are harvested by hand from the pine trees of Andalucía by the famous confectioner 1880, and coated with a sugar shell to preserve their freshness.

These suprema quality pine nuts are are exeptional - large and flavorful. They are a classic holiday treat or everyday indulgence!

Customer Reviews

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    November 2014

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    "These are so addictive. Super crunchy candy shells that mingle with the fresh, sweet pine nut. A great taste combo."

    January 2013

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    "What can I said about this, my Family came from Valladolid where Pine Nuts are abundand, like Roscon de Reyes and Turrom and Mazapan is in every home in Spain during Xmas and till King Day and Thanks to tienda also in my USA home every year. ET. South Carolina."

    January 2013

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