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PREORDER Percebes Fresh Wild Goose Barnacles – SHIPS FREE *See Details

PREORDER Percebes Fresh Wild Goose Barnacles – SHIPS FREE *See Details

Rare Gourmet Delicacy - Allow Up to Two Weeks for Delivery

All Natural

* This product is not eligible for promotional offers or discounts.
  • A rare and exquisite delicacy
  • Hand-harvested in Oregon
  • Free overnight shipping
  • Flavors of fresh clams and lobster
  • Size - 1 pound - 30 to 40 percebes

NOTE: Fresh harvested percebes can take up to two weeks for delivery. They will be shipped separately from any other items in your order. Refrigerate immediately after receipt, not in water. See below for handling instructions. Percebes are only available for shipping to the lower 48 U.S. states (excludes Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Canada).


The wildest, most spectacular food in Spain is percebes! Traditionally, these precious goose barnacles are harvested by hand from wave battered rocks in Galicia in the north of Spain. Now we have discovered a source in the Pacific Northwest, and can deliver them fresh to your door. Overnight shipping is included.

This rare seafood is amazingly delicious and very simple to prepare. Percebes capture the taste of the sea with a flavor evoking fresh clams and lobster. Boiled in briny water (sea water is best!), they are ready to eat in minutes. Simply grasp the shell and peel away the outer skin to expose the flesh - tender and bright orange as coral, with a sweet, rich flavor. Be sure not to spill the juices which are the most flavorful part!

Percebes are arguably the most expensive food in Spain, fetching up to $200 per kilo at fine restaurants. The reason? Each delicious one is harvested by hand from treacherous wave-battered rocks. Foragers dash between giant crashing waves to cut away a small handful of these precious barnacles, a very dangerous endeavor indeed.

While fresh percebes are not available in the U.S. from Galician sources, we recently discovered a source sustainably harvested in Oregon. The wave-battered rocky coast of Oregon is strikingly similar to the coast of Galicia – it is even the nearly the same latitude.

Waves from the Pacific smash into the rocks of the area, bathing the percebes in cool, fresh, nutrient rich sea water - creating a habitat much like the one found in Galicia.

Percebes range in size from one to three inches. They are harvested by hand from a remote inlet and packed in seaweed. Within a couple of days, the precious goose barnacles are packed in coolers with ice packs and shipped directly to you!

Cooking instructions: Fill a pot so that the water will cover the percebes. Ideally you would use fresh seawater, but adding sea salt is nearly as good. Add about 4 tablespoons of sea salt per quart of water. Bring to a boil. Add the percebes. Bring to a boil again. Pour into a colander, put them in a bowl and you are ready to eat! In Galicia the saying goes: "auga a ferver, percebes botar, auga a ferver, percebes sacar."

Serving instructions: Grasp each barnacle by the shell and carefully remove the outer skin. This will expose the tender orange flesh, take a bite and savor the essence of the sea! There are usually rich, flavorful juices in the foot, a delicious sip of barnacle goodness. Serve with a dry white wine or a cold beer. One pound is enough to share with several people, around 30 to 40 pieces.

Storing and handling: stored in the refrigerator in a bowl, removed from packaging, the barnacles will stay fresh for up to five days. Never put the barnacles in water until the moment you cook them.

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Customer Reviews

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  • avatar

    "Truly OUTSTANDING I have heard of these for years and finally tried to try them I had thought a pound was too much for me alone so I invited some friends to join me and they too loved them "

    caminoperegrino - Charlotte, NC June 2017

  • avatar

    "Read about these in a magazine, thought I'd give them a try. They present as ugly and unappetizing, but prepared easily, tasted great and were a real crowd pleaser at a recent party. Worth the cost for the experience."

    Rocket - Royal Oak, MI March 2017

  • avatar

    "I was surprised how fresh they are. It smelled like the briny sea. The taste was like out of this world."

    Joseph - Hollis Hills, NY March 2017

  • avatar

    "Just received my percebes. What I am most surprised about is the small size as compared to the pictures. Will follow up after tasting them tonight!"

    Carmen - Friendswood, TX February 2017

  • avatar

    "We have a new tradition of eagerly awaiting these treasures. Our friends also love them."

    Steve - Winston Salem, NC October 2016

  • avatar

    "I'd have to go to Cape Verde, to savor any better. A treat to be shared with just a few loved ones. "

    Henry - Rockville, MD April 2016

  • avatar

    "These Percebes barnacles are exquisite. They are easy to prepare and have a taste similar to a combination of lobster and mussels. I highly recommend them. You will not be disappointed. "

    Daniel - Phoenix February 2015

  • avatar

    "taste so good !!! I feel I am in Spain "

    Elisa - January 2010

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