8 Cans of KAS Naranja Soda
  • Made with real orange juice, 8%
  • A Spanish classic
  • Size - 8 x 12oz

KAS Naranja is a great Spanish soda. With 8% real orange juice, it is fruity and refreshing. We searched for years before we could find a source, but finally real KAS is here!

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Customer Reviews

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    "People...this is NOT your typical American orange soda. Be glad of that! Here is a true orange flavor, not too sweet, extra fizzy, refreshing, delicious, wish we could find it in American stores. After a KAS orange soda, you'll cringe when you taste the American brands. Sorry, but it's true."

    Judy & Gary - Mar 17, 2011

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    "I loved this soda, both the lemon and orange, when I went to Spain. I have shared it with my students, and they like it as well. Thanks for carrying it!"

    Helen - Jan 7, 2011

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    "My Spanish Class took a trip to Spain, and being 17 and 18 year olds, we decided to try a soda. We all fell in love with this, and we were all disappointed that the USA doesn't sell this. I found this website and was overjoyed that this product was sold here. All in all, this KAS tastes just like the one in Spain, and we all love it!"

    Becca - May 10, 2010

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    "My favorite drink from Spain, and I am not an orange soda guy but this stuff is the best! Thanks for getting it!"

    Geoff - Dec 16, 2009

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