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Mini Paella Kit in Gift Box Plus Paella Cookbook

Mini Paella Kit in Gift Box Plus Paella Cookbook

Essential Ingredients for Making a Great Paella

  • Paired with Paella cookbook with 108 recipes
  • The essentials for making authentic paella
  • Beautiful gift box
  • Includes a pan from Valencia
  • Serves 2 people

Great for smaller households or those wanting to get acquainted with the famous Spanish rice dish, this beautiful paella kit includes the essentials needed to create authentic paella. It also makes an ideal gift for friends with Spain on their minds — whether they’ll soon be traveling abroad or have just returned.

Enjoy all the fundamental tools needed to make this traditional Spanish dish along with a paella cookbook by Alberto Herraiz, which will guide your way. With over 100 creative paella recipes, photos and step-by-step instructions, you’ll never run out of ways to add this famous Spanish meal to your dinner repertoire.

Making authentic, Spanish paella requires a specific pan and high quality ingredients. Our carefully curated choice of saffron, paprika, olive oil and special paella rice are all included. Just add fresh seafood, chicken and vegetables to complete the dish.

Mini Paella Kit includes:

Señorío de Vizcántar Special Selection Extra Virgin Olive Oil
A premium extra virgin olive oil and favorite of the LaTienda family, this Spanish cooking staple will add a warm, fruity flavor and a hint of spice to your paella. It is a unique combination of three different olives by master taster Fermín Rodríguez, who has blended his personal favorites for this truly superior olive oil.

La Dalia Round Tin of Sweet Pimentón de La Vera (miniature tin)
Give your paella an authentic flavor of Spain and add a rustic feel to your kitchen and cooking with this charming antique tin. Enjoy this intensely smoky paprika from the original and most well-known producer of the traditional Spanish spice. Deep red and freshly harvested peppers are smoked for 15 days over oak wood fires, then stone ground into a silky powder - a truly exceptional paprika.

10-inch Paella Pan
Create your paella in the traditional way with an authentic steel paella pan, perfect for your Spanish culinary adventures. A dimpled surface allows heat to distribute evenly. The pan changes color and absorbs flavors as you cook with it and is safe for use in the oven, on the top of the stove or on an outdoor grill. Season with a light vegetable oil coating and always wash by hand and dry quickly to prevent rust.

Calasparra Rice (1.1 lb.)
What distinguishes this premium rice is the longer growing cycle that produces kernels that are more dehydrated and poised to absorb the paella broth flavors. Cultivated in the valleys of Murcia in fresh, pure water drawn from mountain streams, Calasparra rice is free of all herbicides, chemicals and pesticides. Rice is the foundation of paella so preparing it with a high-quality variety is key to its taste and texture.

San Román Saffron packet (enough for 1 paella)
Add a dash of real Spanish saffron to your paella. A bright golden color and full saffron taste brings beauty and flavor to your dish. This saffron is selected by chef María José San Román from Alicante, who runs a Michelin starred restaurant. Hand picked and carefully toasted in La Mancha, it has a heady aroma and adds a key flavor note to your paella.

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    "It was a perfect gift for my son, since he loves to ccok and went to Spain this year in May . He was thrilled with the gift."

    December 2014

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