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Mahón Cow’s Milk Cheese from Menorca - 8 oz

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Mahón Cow’s Milk Cheese from Menorca - 8 oz

Rich, Semi-Soft Cheese

All Natural

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  • Mild young cheese
  • Smooth with a slight sharpness
  • Made from cow's milk
  • From the island of Menorca
  • Size - 8 oz/226 gr

This young Mahón cheese is smooth and mild with a sweet, fruity aroma. It has a buttery flavor with a touch of sharpness that pairs well with a glass of Cava or a bottle of Cruzcampo beer.

Mahón shares its name with the capital city of Menorca, one of the Balearic Islands of the Mediterranean. This verdant island produces plentiful cow's milk on Menorca, and Mahón cheese is one of its most famous foods.

Traditional Mahón cheese is formed in a cheese cloth, then coated with paprika to protect the rind – hence its orange color. The traditional way to enjoy it is sliced and sprinkled with olive oil, black pepper and tarragon. It also melts beautifully.

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