Authentic Lava Stone Molcajete
  • Traditional Mexican mortar and pestle
  • Crafted from all natural basalt lava rock
  • For making guacamole and grinding spices
  • Top quality stone (most in the US are low quality)
  • Capacity: 24 oz - Bowl depth: 2 inches
  • Size - 8 inches wide x 8 inches tall x 8 inches deep

Creamy guacamole, chunky salsas and freshly ground spices are just a few creations suited for a lava stone molcajete. The traditional Mexican mortar and pestle is crafted from basalt, which is the rock formed during volcanic eruptions. The lava stone is an ideal material for a molcajete. The texture is rough enough to grind well while the surface is also dense enough that ingredients are not lost in the pores of the stone.

Not all molcajetes are the same. Ours is made from high quality basalt that is dense and perfectly porous, but not so full of holes that you lose your spices or sauces in the cracks. A cheap molcajete can be disappointing, so go with quality.

Though a molcajete (mortar) and tejolote (pestle) is a central fixture in today’s Mexican kitchen, the versatile tools date back thousands of years to ancient Aztec and Mayan traditions. The durable pieces are improved with age as they are naturally seasoned with the flavors they encounter. Often, treasured molcajetes are passed down through generations.

Hand-carved by local artisans in Mexico from a single block of the best quality basalt, each piece is unique. The three-legged bowl is the traditional, timeless design of the molcajete and makes the useful tool a unique serving piece for dips and sauces. The durable, basalt retains heat for up to an hour and can also be used for serving bubbling hot sauces, soups and stews.

Before using your molcajete, season it by grinding raw rice inside the bowl until it turns gray. Discard and repeat until the rice no longer becomes discolored. When using the molcajete on counter tops, place a towel underneath to avoid scratching the surface. Wash the molcajete by hand with warm water, soap and a brush. Enjoy its improved quality as it ages.

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