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Judion Beans by La Carreta


Judion Beans by La Carreta

Giant White Beans from Spain

All Natural

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  • Extra large white beans
  • Top grade
  • Dried, soak before cooking
  • For Spanish soups and stews
  • Size - 17.6 oz/500 gr

Jumbo white Judion beans are firm and buttery, perfect for soups and stews such as Judias con Chorizo. Harvested by hand and then carefully dried, simply soak them and add them to your favorite recipe.

These Judion beans are huge. After soaking, each bean can measure up to 2 inches across! A classic soup like Judias con Chorizo is flavored with saffron, pimentón smoked paprika, Jamón Serrano, chorizo and olive oil. The centerpiece will be these massive judiones, tender and delicious.

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  • "Beans cook easily, are soft and delicious"

    Juan - South Salem, NY May 2020

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