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2 Packages of Hot Palacios Chorizo from Spain


2 Packages of Hot Palacios Chorizo from Spain

All Natural - Imported from Spain

All Natural

$20.95cz-07-2 cz-07-2 cz-07-2
  • Distinct smoky flavor
  • Mildly spicy
  • All natural, no nitrates or nitrites added
  • Dry-cured, no refrigeration required
  • Slice and serve
  • Size - 2 x 7.9 oz/225 g

This Palacios hot chorizo is a delicious cured sausage with a deep smoky flavor. This all natural chorizo is seasoned with picante smoked paprika from the La Vera valley in Western Spain. It is made from a generations-old recipe by a family owned company in La Rioja. It is not flaming hot in the sense of Mexican cuisine, but rather, spicy.

Its flavor is a piquant blend of pork, garlic, salt and the distinctive smoked paprika, which makes Spanish chorizo unlike sausages from any other country. No nitrates or nitrites are used in their production. These chorizos are fully dry-cured and ready to eat with your favorite cheese and wine, or just a chunk of crusty bread. About 1 inch thick.

In 1998, Palacios became the first chorizo imported to the U.S. and continues to be the most popular Spanish sausage available from Spain.


El chorizo Palacios picante está hecho con una receta que se remonta a generaciones atrás de una empresa familiar en La Rioja. Han hablado de él en el New York Times y la revista Wine Spectator. Estos deliciosos chorizos están sazonados con pimentón picante español. Es una mezcla picante del característico pimentón lo que hace al chorizo español ser único, distinto de cualquier tipo de salchicha de otro país. Estos chorizos están totalmente curados en seco y listos para comer con su queso y vino favorito, o simplemente con un trozo de pan. Alrededor de una pulgada de grosor.

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Customer Reviews

Average rating from 121 reviews
  • "Very good products."

    Loli - San Juan, PE December 2020

  • "This chorizo is excellent for 'empanada gallega'"

    Spanish - Bellingham, WA December 2020

  • "Love it! It's delicious and reminds me of being in Spain. Just a little in scrambled eggs or omelet is so good. Wonderful in a chickpea stew."

    Victoria - Owls Head, ME November 2020

  • "Great flavor"

    Jose - Chula Vista, CA October 2020

  • "Incredibly tasting chorizo! Along with LaTienda's outstanding manchego cheeses, i felt like I died and went to heaven "

    Carlos - Harvard, IL October 2020

  • "Great taste and texture"

    Jim - Bismarck, ND October 2020

  • "Excelente "

    Jose - Chula Vista, CA October 2020

  • "Tasty but with a slight bitter finish which surprised me."

    Francesco - SOUTH HAVEN, MI October 2020

  • "The best!"

    Maria - Ronkonkoma, NY May 2020

  • "The flavor and texture are the best."

    Cadmus - Baltimore, MD November 2019

  • "This was a gift with other items in my order and the comment in the thank you Wes “delicious!”"

    Barbara - South Salem, NY July 2019

  • "First time on this website, fast delivery and great tasting sausages. "

    Dave - Houston, TX February 2019

  • "Great flavor as always. Delivered quickly, will continue to use La Tienda. "

    Gary - Richmond, VA November 2018

  • "I have never liked chorizo and now I have discovered this. Absolutely delicious and I am ordering more."

    Smash - Las Vegas, NV September 2018

  • "Just how I expected it."

    mt - irvine, CA January 2018


    Andres - GALVESTON, TX January 2018

  • "First time sampling spicy chorizo. Found product to be very favorable with pleasant aroma and firm texture. Excellent with appropriate wine and cheese. "

    MO - Churchville, PA October 2017

  • "Spicy but not too hot, a great appetizer or snack with a beer for the big game."

    Fran - Philadelphia, PA October 2017

  • "Very tasty. Perfect for that added spicy serving."

    GrapeXpectations - Kodak, TN September 2017

  • "Excellent flavor!! I love it"

    Reyna - Houston, TX August 2017

  • "My husband loves this"

    Isabel - Langhorne , PA August 2017

  • "It reminded me when I was in Spain this product has a very good taste"

    Juan - Horizon City, TX February 2017

  • "Great way to season garbanzos. lentils, and other legumes. Not as good for slicing as the slicing chorizo"

    Bill - Columbia, MD January 2017


    RONALD - TOMS RIVER December 2016

  • "This spicy version is terrific heated or cold. I bought several and placed them in the freezer, they thaw out very nicely!"

    Dmerritt - Honolulu, HI November 2016

  • "Always good."

    cathy - pfafftown, NC July 2016

  • "Best chorizo from the country that knows best what to do with pork"

    LUIS - Brownsville, TX July 2016

  • "This paprika spiked chorizo is loaded with flavor! While I wouldn't call it "hot" (I found it to have a gentle, warm heat), the paprika flavor is both distinct and delicious."

    Julie - Bend, OR April 2016

  • "excellent product"

    Richard - thunder bay, ON April 2016

  • "These chorizos are what I use for many of my dishes, and now I like the spicy ones even better"

    Lionel - Fort Walton Beach, FL March 2016

  • "Love these!!"

    John - Waynesville, OH March 2016

  • "Consistently my favorite chorizo out there. Tasty and spicy."

    Andrea - Waban, MA December 2015

  • "excellent chorizo. love the spiceness."

    Bill - North Chesterfield, VA November 2015

  • "Delicious"

    James - Los Alamos, NM November 2015

  • "Best Spanish chorizo we've ever had."

    Keith - Tucson, AZ November 2015

  • "very authentic flavor, of course it IS from Spain! It juiced up the memories. excellent!"

    Mateo - SteamboatSprings, CO November 2015

  • "the BEST"

    DAVID - PUEBLO, CO October 2015

  • "Palacios is the BEST slicing chorizo we have had in the States and in Spain. Although some are greasy and soft, most usually are dry and firm and do well with hard cheese or in recipes. "

    Andrea - Baltimore, Maryland September 2015

  • "i love this chorizo"

    robert - lincoln, VT September 2015

  • "my usual purchase from site when on sale. versatile and always excellent from mussels, shrimp or with cheese."

    Benjamin - NEW ORLEANS, LA September 2015

  • "Very pleasant flavour, definitely spicy, went mouldy very fast."

    Olivia - IRVINE, CA September 2015

  • "After receiving it, I realized I had ordered the wrong product but I ate all anyways. I will order again another sausage. Just love Chorizo."

    tanya - forest grove, Oregon July 2015

  • "Not as spicy as I remember in Spain"


  • "Fantastic depth of flavor, great texture, absolutely delicious. "

    Eric - Huntersville, NC May 2015

  • "If my husband had his way this would be considered a staple in our kitchen."

    Karle - Havana, FL May 2015

  • "excellent"

    M - New York, NY April 2015

  • "The real thing. We love it!"

    Mariposa - SARASOTA, FL April 2015

  • "The best tasting Chorizo ever."

    David - SAN FRANCISCO, CA February 2015

  • "Just as I remembered it"

    Bernadette - San Jose, CA February 2015

  • "Made "Chorizo Bites" - slices of this sort of like a ravioli in puff pastry. With mustard. None left, everyone loved the flavor."

    NANCY - HAPPY VALLEY, OR January 2015

  • "The chorizo was, like everything I've purchased from La Tienda, excellent."

    Leroy - Fort Pierce, Florida January 2015

  • "Had bits on bone and grizzle in it."

    Michael - Seattle, WA December 2014

  • Arun - RALEIGH, NC December 2014

  • "I have always bought this everywhere else but the service here is well worth order it online excellent!!. "

    Maria - Palm Harbor, FL December 2014

  • ROGER - CLEWISTON, FL December 2014

  • "This product was perfect for the meal I prepared. Product arrived as promised. This was my first order from La Tienda. Will order more products in future."

    PRENTICE - CHICAGO, IL December 2014

  • "Takes me right back to Spain! Delicious!"

    Jane - Rocky Mount, NC December 2014

  • WILLIAM - WICHITA, KS December 2014

  • "The best ever! Don't compromise on cheap grocery store chorizo. La Tienda's is the best and most authentic."

    Steve - Silver Spring, MD December 2014

  • "Very, very good quality. Just spicy enough without being too much! "

    Kelly - JACKSONVILLE, FL November 2014

  • "the best"

    Robert - Mayslanding, NJ November 2014

  • "Great value. Just the right level of heat."

    THOMAS - CARY, NC November 2014

  • "love these"

    Nancy - Marietta, GA November 2014

  • "Delicious hot sausage. Packs heat but with good flavor. Was perfect when minced with steamed mussels in wine/shallots."

    ROBERT - NASHVILLE, TN November 2014

  • "Delicioso!!"

    ANGELA - VIRGINIA BEACH, VA October 2014

  • Thomas - Islesboro, ME October 2014

  • Annette - SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, CA October 2014

  • John - Linglestown, PA October 2014

  • "Have been ordering these chorizo for a long time We really like them Good product"

    lenore - hubbard lake, MI October 2014

  • margarita - somerville, MA July 2014

  • alvaro - bridgeport, CT April 2014

  • "delicious - one of my favorites! "

    Jen - Sherman Oaks, CA April 2014

  • Jose - Akron, OH April 2014

  • "Not so hot, but way yummy. Strong smoked paprika taste. It is hard to keep it in the house. We keep looking for new recipes to use it with."

    Karen - Los Angeles, CA March 2014

  • "I cut this as thin as I can, but it remains too gristly for my taste. ¡Lo siento!"

    Christy - Hollywood, CA December 2013

  • "Not hot at all. Good taste for a dry Chorizo."

    PEGGY - Bradenton June 2013

  • JUAN - HENDERSON June 2013

  • "Yummy chorizo which was an incredible addition to my memorial day paella feast."

    Marilee - Albuquerque June 2013

  • daniel - mt.angel June 2013


    dinorah - BROOKLINE June 2013

  • "have used these for relative and business parties, and they are a hit; like to slice an entire link into thin pieces, lay them flat and encase the whole thing in foil then throw on the grill. have enjoyed them right out of the package as well."

    W - Berkeley May 2013

  • "Excellent! Great just to snack on with Manchego and olives or diced up and simply cooked with some scrambled eggs. Looking forward to trying other dishes with it like stuffed piquillo peppers."

    Greg - HARRISBURG May 2013

  • Edgar - St. Petersburg April 2013

  • BILLY - TARRYTOWN April 2013

  • Carole - Fairfax April 2013

  • pamela - COLUMBUS April 2013

  • Charles - Easley April 2013

  • "wonderfully seasoned and is versatile to be used to pep up many dishes."

    michael - calabash March 2013

  • "I buy these chorizos by the armload every chance I get. I've never been disappointed."

    Benjamin - Clinton March 2013

  • "Great sauteed with anything!"

    Anu - Pleasanton March 2013

  • MARIO - PORTLAND March 2013

  • "Our local grocery store stopped carrying this chorizo, and replaced it with a far inferior flavored product. We were thrilled to know that we can start ordering it on line. "


  • "Excellent chorizo! Arrived just in time (1 week) for me to make a bean & chorizo soup during a cold wet windy storm in Southern California :-) Warmed us all up quickly!"

    KRISTINA - SAN DIEGO February 2013

  • MIRIAM - SUMMERVILLE February 2013

  • Hector - Arlington February 2013

  • Gerardo - FAIR OAKS February 2013

  • "Once you try it you want more"

    Dariusz - Essexville February 2013

  • Joey - ATLANTA February 2013

  • "One of my favorites!"

    Elizabeth - Locust Grove February 2013

  • Eduardo - Zanesville February 2013

  • Gemma - Indianapolis February 2013

  • "Must have for my paellas. Everytime La Tienda have their "super sales" on these chorizos, I stock up on them by truck load. They don't last long in my freezer....they always end up as snacks in my casa. Delicious!!"

    Renato - Las Vegas February 2013

  • G - Downingtown, Pennsylvania January 2013

  • "My little brother and I just cooked some of this today with potatoes and eggs. Good stuff !!!"

    Jose - Cheyenne, Wyoming January 2013

  • "My favorite with Lentils, this is nearly as good as the stuff you get in Spain"

    Jared - Bozeman, Montana January 2013

  • "Superb texture and flavor. This is THE chorizo (hot or mild) to use when making paella. It's excellent by itself, as well as in other dishes. I often use this dry-cured chorizo when making jambalaya."

    Lisa - Elgin, Illinois January 2013

  • "Wonderful! Great flavor, will definitely order again. Thanks!"

    Lillian - Hamburg, New Jersey January 2013

  • "I eat this sausage every day. It's so delicious! I often serve it to guests and they're amazed at how good it is. The closest thing to real Spanish chorizo that I've been able to find in the US."

    Julie - Arlington, Virginia December 2012

  • "Just the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    JC - April 2012

  • Jane - November 2011

  • "Authentic. No really "hot" but just the right bit of spicey"

    Pat84 - August 2011

  • "This is the stuff! Authentic, good proportion of meat to fat content - with a unique - nutty flavor mixinig with the hot paprika. Great with (or on) a piece of crusty bread like they say. There is a domestic producer called Wellshire Farms (Primo Naturale) who make a leaner (and hotter) version of Chorizo, but for the real thing, it doesn't get any better than the Palacios brand. I thought the price was a tad steep considering I can get it in Denver from Tony's Specialty Meats for $7.99 without paying for shipping - but if you don't have a local source, the price is acceptable."

    Ivan - May 2011

  • "Loved it! Just like in Spain. My wife has been studying Spanish, so I've gotten to go to Spain 3x in 5 years! Excited to find I could mail order it to my home."

    Gregory - March 2011

  • "These are tasty. Although they are considered 'hot', it is really more flavor than 'reach for the water' hotness."

    LolaGranola - February 2011

  • "Wonderful balance, not too spicy yet subtly picante. I'm addicted and must have it in the fridge at all times."

    Bertita - January 2011

  • "could use more flavor. Didn't taste "hot.""

    Lebron,W. - December 2010

  • "Excellent"

    Heidi - December 2010

  • Deborah - December 2010

  • "Again, you guys have gotten the real stuff! This brings back some great memories from Madrid. I look forward to making a trip soon."

    Randy - September 2010

  • "Few ingredients, clean flavor. Excellent!"

    Kevin - April 2010

  • Andrzej - January 2010

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