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4 Packages of Horchata de Morro Salvadoreña Drink Mix

4 Packages of Horchata de Morro Salvadoreña Drink Mix

Refreshing Drink from El Salvador

  • Refreshing chilled drink
  • Made from morro seeds, rice and peanuts
  • Mix with milk for a cool shake
  • Makes about 1.5 quarts/liters per pack
  • Delicious cinnamon, cocoa flavor
  • Size - 4 x 12 oz/340 g

Horchata de Morro is a very popular sweet shake in El Salvador. Cold milk is mixed with ground morro seeds, peanuts, rice, cinnamon and cocoa powder for a smooth, refreshing beverage usually served over ice.

To make horchata de morro, simply mix the packaged powder with milk and a little water, then pour over ice. What could be simpler?

This type of horchata is a great example of blending Spanish and Latin American traditions. In Spain, horchata is made with the chufa nut, a vitamin rich tuber that lends a creamy, sweet flavor to the drink. In El Salvador they use native seeds and nuts instead, including peanuts and morro seeds, as well as rice powder.

Morro seeds are from a native tree, and come in a shell that is very hard to crack. Inside the shell are nutritious seeds that are ground into a powder. This food was known even in Mayan times, and was a part of their creation story.

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    "The product is very good and I will be ordering again. What I didn't like was the expiration date is only a month away. I ordered a lot to stock up. Now I'm giving them away to family."

    April 2017

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    "Arrived quickly and safely packaged. I @m very happy with my purchase."

    July 2016

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