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Gourmet Spanish Pantry Essentials

Gourmet Spanish Pantry Essentials

The Very Best Ingredients for The Creative Cook

  • Top quality spices and seasonings
  • Premium olive oils and vinegar
  • Made by small artisan producers
  • The perfect gift for an avid cook

Whether you’re making classics like paella, or dressing up marinades or soups, this world class collection of pantry essentials adds the authentic flavor of Spain to every dish. It comprises our best olive oils, fine aged sherry vinegar, deluxe Marcona almonds, sweet piquillo peppers, top ranked spices and sea salts, and a hand carved salt holder. This superior collection brings the finest flavors of Spain to your kitchen!

Great extra virgin olive oil is a kitchen essential, so we've included three outstanding bottles with unique flavor profiles. Señorío de Vizcántar olive oil is our family’s personal favorite – without question. A coupage of three varieties of olives, it has a complex, warm and fruity flavor. Ego Sum extra virgin olive oil has a spectacular peppery flavor, perfect for salads or tasting with fresh-baked bread.

We also included a bottle of cold smoked extra virgin olive oil. This incredibly aromatic oil is the perfect balance of fruity, herbal flavors and natural smokiness. Along with the oils we added an excellent sherry vinegar by Gutierrez Colosia - it is tart and dry with a remarkably deep, complex flavor!

We've also included top quality seasonings. Princesa de Minaya saffron from La Mancha is unquestionably the best saffron that money can buy, and one sprinkle adds an intense floral flavor to any dish. Pimentón de la Vera (smoked paprika) by La Dalia adds a full smoky flavor to any dish, from paella to grilled meats - we call it the secret weapon of Spanish spices!

Ruca pinchito seasoning adds the flavor of Andalucía to your kebabs. Three types of exceptional sea salt by San Vicente bring the flavors of the famed salt flats of Cádiz. Along with these spices we have a gorgeous hand carved olive wood salt keeper, with two lidded compartments.

Finally we have four icons of Spanish cuisine. Bomba paella rice was almost extinct when chefs in Eastern Spain rescued this phenomenal grain. Fire roasted piquillo peppers are sweet and tangy, the most wonderful roasted pepper we've ever tasted. And our extra large Marconas are the queen of almonds, rich and ten times more flavorful than a typical almond.

We created this exclusive collection with the creative cook in mind. Whether you are an experienced chef or you’re new to cooking, you’ll recognize the excellent quality of each product. This is an excellent gift for the chef in your life!

Sizes for the items included in this collection are as follows: Señorío de Vizcántar olive oil - 17 oz, Ego Sum olive oil - 17 oz, smoked olive oil - 250 ml, Gutierrez Colosia vinegar - 12.68 oz, saffron - 0.035 oz, La Dalia smoked paprika - three 2.5 oz tins, salt keeper - 6 inches wide x 2 inches tall, sea salts - 8.75 oz each, Ruca seasoning - 2.12 oz, piquillo peppers - 7 oz, Bomba paella rice - 2.2 lbs and Marcona almonds - 5.3 oz.

We may substitute products of equal quality for those shown in photo.

Customer Reviews

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    "Prompt delivery. Selections are top notch. Great addition to my pantry."

    December 2014

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    "These products are truly great. Better than expected~!"

    January 2013

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